Serverfarm Introduces DCIDD (Data Center Infrastructure Design Debt) Concept With Release of In-Depth Enterprise White Paper

Ending Data Center Infrastructure Design Debt (DCIDD) White Paper


Insightful Whitepaper Defines DCIDD and Explores a Sustainable Pathway for Existing Data Centers

LOS ANGELES — Dec. 7, 2021 — The latest whitepaper from Serverfarm, a global data center developer and operator, defines Data Center Infrastructure Design Debt (DCIDD) and explains how addressing design shortcomings in existing data centers can save companies millions in CapEx and OpEx while driving sustainability strategies.

The whitepaper, Ending Data Center Infrastructure Design Debt (DCIDD), covers financial, operational and sustainability challenges enterprises who own and operate data centers face. In addition, it provides guidance on how existing data center physical environments can be modernized for financial and sustainability benefits.

Amid surging demand for digital infrastructure, new approaches to data centers and their designs are paramount for organizations to create sustainable environments. Building additional data centers is part of the solution. In concert, making more of what already exists is a vital part of any sustainable strategy. In enterprise and commercial data centers, modernization of existing physical environments and optimizing operational efficiency can reduce emissions while maximizing value from existing capital deployment.

National and international commitments to creating net-zero economies make it clear that better use of an existing built environment will play a major part in hitting sustainability targets for companies, cities and countries.

“Data centers are an increasingly vital part of every economy,” says Arun Shenoy, SVP Marketing at Serverfarm. “Making more and better use of what is already built is both environmentally responsible and financially sensible. We want to show how existing data centers can be modernized and optimized to become innovation centers for tackling big issues for enterprises, for the places in which they operate and the people they serve. The term Data Center Infrastructure Design Debt (DCIDD) has now moved to the forefront for enterprises. Ending DCIDD is about addressing shortcomings that already exist in physical data center environments.”

This new Serverfarm whitepaper provides a history of the data center market and evaluates the future of this critical sector. The paper also includes analyses of how Serverfarm has approached the issue of design debt in its owned data centers and those of its enterprise clients, including one of the world’s largest car manufacturers.


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