Speed to Market

Ample and Reliable Power

Close Proximity to Heathrow

Design Flexibility

Strong Network Connectivity

IT11.4MW at N+1
Building3 story/130,000 sq ft
HallsUp to 9
Density1.5-3.5kW / sq meter
CoolingChilled water distribution system to CRAC units
CloudAWS, Azure, GCP
Carriers CityFibre (dark), Colt, eunetworks, Telia Carrier, Zayo Longhaul, Zayo Metro


Located in one of the world’s great cities with a history spanning more than 2,000 years, London is home to LON1, Serverfarm’s first European data center. As the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom, London is well-known for its historical sights and tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower of London. The area is also the center of the country’s technology hub. As of 2021, London is home to 38 providers and 72 data centers. This includes 68 colocation facilities, 49 cloud nodes, 13 Internet exchanges (IX), and 35 disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) sites.

Serverfarm joined the London data center market in March 2018 after acquiring the data center located in Feltham, London. Close to Heathrow airport, Serverfarm’s LON1 London data center is strategically located with direct connections to Slough and London’s Docklands. Serverfarm acquired the 10.5MW London data center through a sale and partial leaseback. This London colocation data center added another 120,000 square feet to Serverfarm’s existing data center portfolio, providing Serverfarm customers with a strategic location and an important entry into a vital world-leading market.

London, UK

LON1 is a three-story data center, 5 minutes from Heathrow airport and well connected.

Sustainability Mission

The United Kingdom has declared its commitment to achieving net-zero by 2050, which pairs with Serverfarm’s sustainability mission, primarily achieved by acquiring data centers or facilities over building new data centers, when feasible.

Serverfarm’s colocation data center London facility has been awarded several recognitions, including:


As the global leader in DMaaS (Data Center Management as a Service), Serverfarm offers a robust data center management solution delivered through our award-winning cloud-based platform, InCommand. This DMaaS solution is a fully integrated service overseen and operated by trained experts in data center infrastructure and management.

Serverfarm’s DMaas powered by InCommand provides clients with remote access into their mission-critical infrastructure and data center assets. InCommand provides an FM NOC, offering consolidated alerts and alarms to streamline intelligent prioritization and resolution tracking. DMaaS powered by InCommand provides limitless room for clients to scale and innovate.


Serverfarm is doing our part to mitigate climate change, all while meeting our clients’ increasing capacity demands, by choosing to acquire and modernize existing facilities rather than build new. Reusing existing real estate helps to eliminate the carbon emissions required for a standard new construction building, resulting in a modeled 88% embodied carbon emission reduction. Buildings and construction directly represent around 39% of all annual global greenhouse gas emissions, so reducing the carbon produced by developing new buildings is an essential component to mitigating our global climate crisis.

Sustainability Serverfarm

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