Speed to Market

Numerous Network Carriers

Close to Pearson Airport and CBD

Ability to Expand Data Center

Design Flexibility

Building 178,300 sq ft
Building 270,000 sq ft
HallsUp to 7
Density160 W/sq ft
CoolingCentral air cooled plant with integral waterside economizers
CloudAWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle
Carriers Zayo, Beanfield


Connect to one of the world’s leading tech hubs in The Six! With over 170,000 workers, 15,000 companies and $50 billion in revenues, Toronto’s ICT industry is the third largest in North America.

Our Toronto data center puts you in the middle of the action, just a short drive from both the central business district and the international airport. In a highly competitive real estate market, our large facility offer loads of space with room to grow.

Canada’s data center market is booming, already ranking fifth in the world for data center density and doubling every year. Estimates predict Canada’s data center market will reach $3.5 Billion in revenues by 2025. Within Canada, Toronto is the tech hub of the country, with over 38.1 MW of new Toronto data center absorption last year alone. That year-over-year growth makes Toronto data centers the second busiest city in North America for new activity – second only to Northern Virginia.

Toronto, ON

TOR1 has 21MW of total power and offers numerous network carriers with room to expand.

What makes Toronto data centers such a hot ticket?

It starts with proximity to fiber networks in the area. As Canada’s chief commercial center, Toronto boasts a rich telecom infrastructure. It is home to major media and software companies, and major cloud providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are already engaged in the Toronto market. Carrier connectivity at our Toronto data center includes numerous network carriers through two diverse fiber entrances, including options for all the big carriers like Telus, Rogers, and Bell.


As the global leader in DMaaS (Data Center Management as a Service), Serverfarm offers a robust data center management solution delivered through our award-winning cloud-based platform, InCommand. This DMaaS solution is a fully integrated service overseen and operated by trained experts in data center infrastructure and management.

Serverfarm’s DMaas powered by InCommand provides clients with remote access into their mission-critical infrastructure and data center assets. InCommand provides an FM NOC, offering consolidated alerts and alarms to streamline intelligent prioritization and resolution tracking. DMaaS powered by InCommand provides limitless room for clients to scale and innovate.


Serverfarm is doing our part to mitigate climate change, all while meeting our clients’ increasing capacity demands, by choosing to acquire and modernize existing facilities rather than build new. Reusing existing real estate helps to eliminate the carbon emissions required for a standard new construction building, resulting in a modeled 88% embodied carbon emission reduction. Buildings and construction directly represent around 39% of all annual global greenhouse gas emissions, so reducing the carbon produced by developing new buildings is an essential component to mitigating our global climate crisis.

Sustainability Serverfarm

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