Manage Everything in the Virtual World

InCommand DMaaS is Serverfarm’s flexible data center management service configured to the specific requirements of each customer. 

Configurations begin with the creation of digital mirrors of customer data center on the InCommand SaaS customer portal.  

A digital mirror is a virtual view of a data center. It allows the customer to see the critical elements of the data center without ever needing to physically visit the data center.

At the heart of the service is process driven data capture which guarantees data accuracy in changing environments. such that moves, adds and changes can be planned to the finest detail.

Operators can rapidly respond to changing requirements and be analytical about how multiple facilities behave at an individual component level.

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Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) assets and servicing

Its CMMS provides MEP asset lists; MEP maintenance schedules; MEP servicing vendors and MEP maintenance ticketing.

MEP Monitoring

For FM DCIM, InCommand provides monitoring around MEP, environmental sensors, and power/space/cooling.

See Your Power Utilization and Availability

IT asset tracking

For IT DCIM, InCommand DMaaS manages room/rack layouts, IT device lists, IT data cable tracking from switch port to device interface, and rack elevation.

Outage Reports and Prevention

To provide resilience planning, InCommand issues power outage impact reports and switch outage impact reports. It can even be used to track IT storage and IT equipment lifecycles.

What is included in this DMaaS offering?

DCIM Module Feature SetDMaaS
2D IT Data Hall Visualization
Individual site, site group and global portfolio visualizations
Built-In Charts and Reports
Unlimited Support via phone, email, web share
Unlimited Training via phone, email, web share
Dashboard Widgets
Customizable Dashboards
Online Training Videos
Accurately Measure Cable Lengths
Automated Power Budgeting for Devices
Patented Power Redundancy calculation algorithms
Rack Elevations
IT Device Lists
JSON REST API integration engine
SNOW CMDB Integration APIs
Space Capacity Management
Power Capacity Management
Cooling Capacity Management
Change Management Checklists
Switch Port Inventory Management
Patch Panel Port Inventory Management
Patch Panel Port Trunk Inventory Management
Cable (port to port) Chain Connectivity Mapping
Switch to Device Cable Connectivity Mapping
Import or Bulk Edit Cable Adds, Moves, and Changes
Import or Bulk Edit Device Adds, Moves, and Changes
Import or Bulk Edit Infrastructure Adds, Moves, and Changes
Model and Visualize Chassis and Blades
Manufacture/Make/Models Template Library
Parts and Spares Management
Parts and Spares Management
Power Circuit Tracking
Power Panel and Busbar Tracking
Power PDU Tracking
Power UPS Tracking
Power Generator Tracking
Power Billing Tracking
Power Relationship Mapping and Reporting with Impact Analysis
Switch Relationship Mapping and Reporting with Impact Analysis
Role and Site Based, Granular Permissions
Customized Monthly Reports
Search and Reserve Capacity
Visual Analytics
What-If Analysis
Work Orders with Port-Level Instructions
DCIM Module Feature Set (continued)DMaaS
Audit Logs
Cost by Data Center, Business Unit, or Service/Application
Energy Billback Reporting
Environment Sensor Monitoring
Health and Risk Alerting
CMMS Module Feature SetDMaaS
MEP Asset Lists and Lifecycle Tracking
MEP Asset Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
MEP Asset Preventative Maintenance Task Instructions (MOPs/SOPs)
MEP Assets Preventative Maintenance Calendar
MEP Service Vendor Lists and Management
MEP Operations Personnel Shift Scheduling
Walk-Arounds Module Feature SetDMaaS
Digitized Facility and IT Walk-Around Checklists
Walk-Around results stored daily and accessible remotely
Walk-Around Issue Alerts Emailed Immediately to Facility Management
Global FM NOCDMaaS
Configuration of alerting system to send alerts to InCommand FM NOC
Parsing of alerts to determine and display severity level
Global NOC dashboard centralizing all FM alerts/alarms
Global NOC operations and escalations user guide
Ticketing/Request Tracking ModuleDMaaS
User Request Ticketing System and Activity Reporting
Service Desk DCM TeamDMaaS
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Team Meetings
Digital Mirror Infrastructure Moves/Adds/Changes Maintenance
Power Monitoring Analytics (circuits, panels, busbars, PDU's UPS's)
Walk-Around Checklist Creation, Monitoring, Management
Digital Mirror Automations Management
Digital Mirror Power/Cooling Analytics
Site Personnel Management
Site Personnel Training
Site Personnel Backfilling
On-Demand Technical Resourcing and Management
Global Service Delivery Management
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report Generation
Major Project Management

The InCommand Service Desk Option

The InCommand Service Desk works closely with your operational team to provide advice on remediation, reducing risks and improving the efficiency of your data center. They review monitoring alerts daily, track power anomalies, and continuously update your site infrastructure models with IT and facility infrastructure changes so you can be assured your infrastructure is always running. See further details below. 

  • Weekly analysis of customer data center metrics to evaluate risk potential.
  • Advice on areas that warrant remediation to reduce risks and/or improve efficiencies. 
  • Cascading failure scenarios and power/network outage impacts
  • Daily review of monitoring alerts to ensure all monitored points are reporting accurately.
  • Ensuring no unusual power anomalies have occurred in the past 24 hours
  • Moves, adds, and changes to room and rack layouts and capacities
  • Moves, adds, and changes to electrical single line drawings
  • Moves, adds, and changes to power circuits, temp, and humidity sensors
  • Moves, adds, and changes to HVAC units and redundancy designs
  • Site acquisitions and dispositions
  • Software upgrades on a monthly schedule backed with immediate training and support.
  • Additional self service training is available via streaming videos on the InCommand web portal. Embedded user documentation is accessible from the help icon on portal pages.

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