What is the InCommand DCIM FM Portal Solution?

A fully featured Data Center Infrastructure Facilities Management SaaS portal supported by a 24/7 Service Desk of DCIM FM SMEs.

Designed for a data centric approach to operations management the InCommand DCIM FM  growing features list is unmatched in
the DMaaS market. The accuracy, integrity, timeliness and veracity of InCommand DCIM FM data empowers customer site personnel to focus on day to day decision making. 

As operations move towards agile, scalable, secure on-demand models effective oversight and regulated management of data center FM (M+E) infrastructure has never been more vital. 

The careful management of assets, maintenance, resources, and workflows is critical to enterprise success.   InCommand DCIM FM is built on a data driven low maintenance model with Service Desk support providing a vast range of practical assistance from a true virtualized data center view.

Ops Dashboard

  • View dashboard of all maintenance events for an individual site or group of sites
  • Quickly view maintenance tasks completed on time, late, deferred, etc.
  • Click on any bar in the bar charts to see detailed list of maintenance tasks making up the bar

Scheduling Asset Preventative Maintenance

  • Schedule individual assets or asset groups for planned or corrective maintenance
  • Automatically generate maintenance tickets and tasks based on maintenance schedules
  • Publish specific and custom maintenance instructions for each asset and group of assets
  • Maintain a date/time stamped history of maintenance events for every asset

Asset List

  • Maintain a detailed, searchable, sortable list of all facility MEP assets
  • Group assets into maintenance groups
  • Associate servicing vendors with individual assets
  • Associate groups of assets by site and region

Maintenance Schedules

  • View scheduled maintenance by month over any period of time
  • Export maintenance schedules to Excel or pdf
  • Filter, search, and sort maintenance schedules

Maintenance Calendars

  • View maintenance calendars on demand
  • Filter the calendar for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, or other schedules
  • Filter the calendar for in-house maintenance events or vendor serviced events

Digitized Daily Rounds

  • Digitize walk around checklists optimized for cell phones and tablets
  • Record notes to explain out-of-normal checklist answers
  • Auto-send emails to facility mangers listing all out-of-normal checklist answers

Walk Around Results History Logs

  • Maintain a digital list of all walk around checklist results by date and staff member 
  • See graphical trends for all checklist items with numerical results
  • Click on hyperlinked answers to see notes recorded by ops team members 

Maintenance Task Instructions and Lists

  • Assign individual maintenance tasks to specific ops team members
  • On demand view of open maintenance tasks
  • Filter, search, sort maintenance tasks by any column of data

The InCommand Service Desk is the KEY differentiator between the  InCommand DCIM FM solution and all other DIY FM offerings. 

Once the platform is installed, the Service Desk, services span: Customized operational dashboards; KPI dashboards; Customer ticketing setup; Universal monitoring module setup; CMMS module setup; Walk-around checklist module setup; Change control automated process setup;  Initial and ongoing site personnel training, and more.

What is included in this offering?

DCFM Module Feature SetDCFM
2D IT Data Hall Visualization
Individual site, site group and global portfolio visualizations
Built-In Charts and Reports
Unlimited Support via phone, email, web share
Unlimited Training via phone, email, web share
Dashboard Widgets
Customizable Dashboards
Online Training Videos
Accurately Measure Cable Lengths
Patented Power Redundancy calculation algorithms
Space Capacity Management
Power Capacity Management
Cooling Capacity Management
Change Management Checklists
Parts and Spares Management
Parts and Spares Management
Power Circuit Tracking
Power Panel and Busbar Tracking
Power PDU Tracking
Power UPS Tracking
Power Generator Tracking
Power Billing Tracking
DCIM Module Feature SetDCFM
Power Relationship Mapping and Reporting with Impact Analysis
Role and Site Based, Granular Permissions
Customized Monthly Reports
Visual Analytics
Audit Logs
Cost by Data Center, Business Unit, or Service/Application
Energy Billback Reporting
Environment Sensor Monitoring
Health and Risk Alerting
Ticketing/Request Tracking ModuleDCFM
User Request Ticketing System and Activity Reporting
Service Desk DCM TeamDCFM
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Team Meetings
Digital Mirror Infrastructure Moves/Adds/Changes Maintenance
Power Monitoring Analytics (circuits, panels, busbars, PDU's UPS's)
Walk-Around Checklist Creation, Monitoring, Management
Digital Mirror Power/Cooling Analytics
Site Personnel Training

The InCommand Service Desk

  • InCommand Service desk personnel are available to participate in the customer’s data center daily, weekly, monthly operational and planning meetings.
  • Service desk personnel assigned to a customer deliver training and user support continuously through the term of the InCommand service contract.
    • Additonal training is delivered in a self-service mode via short on demand videos  accessible from the InCommand web portal with supporting user documentation accessible from.
  • Monthly service desk software upgrades come with immediate training and support.
  • Customer assigned service desk personnel provide:
    • Weekly analysis of data center metrics to assess and advise on potential risks including areas that warrant remediation to reduce risks and/or improve efficiencies
      • This analysis includes cascading failure scenarios and power/network outage impacts
    • Daily review of monitoring alerts to ensure all monitored points are reporting accurately and that no unusual power anomalies have occurred in the previous 24 hours
    • Continuously update site infrastructure models resulting from on site IT and facility infrastructure changes.
    • Infrastructure changes include:
        • Moves, adds, and changes to room and rack layouts and capacities
        • Moves, adds, and changes to electrical single line drawings
        • Moves, adds, and changes to power circuits, temp, and humidity sensors
        • Moves, adds, and changes to HVAC units and redundancy designs
        • Site acquisitions and dispositions


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