Data Centers, Data Collection, and AI Energy Consumption

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Managing AI Energy Consumption for a Greener Future

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G are driving a new era of innovation and connectivity. As adoption grows, accurately measuring the power requirements of these advancements becomes more crucial.  

According to a recent report from the European Commission, ‘Data centers in the EU used an estimated 45–65 TWh of electricity in 2022 (1.8–2.6% of total EU electricity use), while telecommunication networks used an estimated 25–30 TWh of electricity (1–1.2% of total EU electricity use)’.
(Source: Energy Consumption in Data Centres and Broadband Communication Networks in the EU)

It notes that in 2022 there was relatively little AI activity.

AI is set to increase data center energy consumption. The training of GenAI LLMs (generative artificial intelligence large language models) and the computational requirements of inference AI already have a growing energy profile.

Paolo Bertoldi, Researcher at European Commission helped author the report. He said: “Policymakers and companies must work together to improve data collection, quality and availability. It is critical to develop more robust estimates to better understand trends and make informed policy decisions to manage the energy and environmental impacts of digital infrastructure. Governments and companies should work together to improve data quality and availability regarding data center energy consumption usage.”

Generating and sharing accurate data is exactly what Serverfarm does across all of its data centers – including its London1 (LON1) and Amsterdam data centers (AMS1). Serverfarm’s InCommand DMaaS IT has 45 valuable features, covering a wide range of functionalities. Detailed power information is provided for utilities, generators, UPSs, PDUs, panels, racks, and circuits, offering real-time insights into usage and availability.

Daily monitoring alerts ensure accurate reporting of all monitored points, with tracking mechanisms to identify any unusual power anomalies. Additionally, the system includes tracking features for power panels, busbars, PDUs, UPSs, generators, and billing, along with relationship mapping and reporting capabilities.


Sustainable AI Growth

Through accurate monitoring and management of infrastructure and IT operations, Serverfarm enables clients to develop the full potential of emerging technologies without compromising sustainability.

As the demand for digital infrastructure continues to escalate, the convergence of AI, blockchain, and 5G presents both opportunities and challenges.

Sustainable delivery of AI is only possible through operational management built on data accuracy. With InCommand DMaaS behind the operation of every Serverfarm data center, all clients can drive AI innovation forward while paving the way for a more sustainable digital future.

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