Process for Set Up in Colocation and Enterprise Environments

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InCommand DMaaS provides continuous real time and accurate information about the state of the data center. 

Here are the highlights:

  1. InCommand provides accurate modelling of IT, Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure for both new installations and modernization of existing facilities.
  2. Serverfarm conducts full audits with accurate data capture and offers virtual 24/7 support.
  3. It continuously monitors all power feeds, identifies capacity constraints, and provides complete documentation of all critical infrastructure and IT changes for maximum uptime and efficiency.
  4. InCommand DMaaS processes cut down physical person hours for forensic searches while still providing complete insight into IT and M+E data center operations right down to the device level, locally and globally.

Process for Set Up in Colocation and Enterprise Environments

For modernization and upgrade of New Installations

  • Provides accurate modelling on IT and Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure.
  • Covers new IT servers, storage, and networking switches.
  • Covers all UPS, electrical switchgear, and cooling infrastructure.

For modernization and upgrade of Existing Enterprise Facilities:

  • Meticulous tracking of every data center detail.
  • Full audit to provide you with a baseline on IT and M+E assets including every data center hall, rack, cabinet, and device.
  • Model the setup for project deployment, commissioning, testing and go live.

Once set up, InCommand allows users to optimize layouts.

Provides documentation for any day to day ops, and new procedural methods for daily routines such as moves, adds, and changes.

Provides virtual 24/7 support to end user infrastructure changes both large and small.

Accurate incident reporting documentation management – covering procedures for major events including changes to mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

Provides procedures to manage day-to-day incidents for quick resolution such as fast emergency response to unplanned outages.

Provides documentation for continuous monitoring for maximum uptime, efficiency, and redundancy.

Fully documented processes for daily running of all physical infrastructure as a cloud service with complete visibility on infrastructure costs through meaningful insights.

Manage planned maintenance processes with full documentation.

Ongoing Operational Processes

InCommand provides details and metrics at every rack unit (RU) level, including the number in use and available, and identification of racks with sufficient power, cooling, and space.

Helps identify where capacity is available and where it is constrained.

Continuous monitoring of all power feeds.

Process management for critical infrastructure and IT changes through certified change governance procedures.

Procedures for supplying authorized staffing to augment customer teams.

Remote, data center engineers to service unmanned sites, and an on-call 24/7 service desk.

Serverfarm’s operating team are fully trained in processes and procedures and consists of experts in standing up, operating, and maintaining InCommand platforms.

InCommand DMaaS processes cut the physical person hours from logistics usually associated with forensic searches.

Fully process driven capture of all relevant location data, status data on hall, rack, and row numbers.

InCommand DMaaS achieves complete insight by tying into the mechanical electrical systems to get real-time metrics.

InCommand DMaaS processes go deeper than DCIM by bringing granular asset management to IT and M+E data center operations right down to the device level, locally and globally.

In short, InCommand offers real-time insight into data center operations and enables customers to identify available capacity and constraints. With continuous monitoring of power feeds and process management for critical infrastructure changes, customers can ensure maximum uptime and efficiency. 

In addition, InCommand provides access to remote data center engineers and an on-call service desk, cutting down on the physical person hours needed for forensic searches while still enabling granular asset management down to the device level.

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