DDI Podcast – Reimagining Sustainability for the Future of the Internet with Arun Shenoy

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This brand-new podcast from Schneider Electric shares key insights from the people, the businesses and the technologies powering the world’s digital economy. From networks and the cloud, to AI, data centers and utilities,  the DDI Podcast looks at the sustainability challenges facing the infrastructure sector, and share the incredible stories of the people and the businesses, on the cutting edge of tech.
In this episode of the DDI Podcast, Mark Yeeles and Serverfarm’s Arun Shenoy explore the importance of sustainability in the tech industry; focusing on the lifecycle of IT hardware and the critical role data centers play in our digital infrastructure. They discuss the necessity of repurposing and extending the life of tech equipment, emphasizing how large hyperscalers can offer their outdated hardware to those with less demanding performance needs.
Reflecting on career advice for young tech professionals, they talk about the broad range of opportunities within technology, from hardware engineering to software, and stress the importance of portraying the data center industry as integral to every aspect of daily life, comparable to essential services like housing and healthcare.

Looking to the future, they consider the tech industry’s larger contribution to society as the ‘fourth utility,’ alongside water, gas and electricity and ponder what disruptive forces might emerge in 2024.

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