Serverfarm Expanding in Europe – Responsible Delivery of Amsterdam DC Capacity

Learn About Our AMS1 Amsterdam Data Center

Serverfarm originally chose to invest in Amsterdam because of the city’s location, connectivity and economy. Since our market entry in 2019, cloud and digital economic growth saw us successfully evolve our presence even as new data centers were built around the city.

Today as Amsterdam continues to grow as a European cloud region, market demand for data center capacity suited to cloud, service provision and AI is growing amid a limited supply within the Amsterdam metro.

Some operators have been impacted by changing regulatory rules on how data center infrastructure can be developed, expanded and operated. These include a rule that “new data centers and expansion are not allowed unless (a) it is for the benefit of Amsterdam and (b) the data center would not cause additional grid congestion.”

Serverfarm is extending our AMS1 capacity using environmentally sensitive development methods within the policy guard rails set out by Amsterdam’s government in response to the sustainability, power security and environmental target concerns of citizens. We are also proud members of the Dutch Data Center Association, sharing a commitment to enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of power usage in the data center industry.


Amsterdam is experiencing a tightening of vacancy rates at a time of no new developments inside the city, meaning little new capacity in the pipeline within the data center market.

Serverfarm’s availability falls outside the scope of the city’s moratorium on new data centers or restrictions on existing DCs. The megawatts of power serving our AMS1 data center and customer IT will be provided without causing any additional power grid strain.

Read more about the benefits enjoyed by Serverfarm’s Amsterdam data center tenants and new customers from its central location inside the A10 ring road.

Amsterdam, NL

AMS1 is highly connected with over 100,000 sq. ft. of available shell space ideal for cloud, low latency and edge environments.