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Serverfarm Near Doubles LON1 Power Capacity

Serverfarm is to add a further 8MW of “highly-efficient” IT capacity at its carrier-neutral LON1 data centre, of which 3MW will come online within the coming four months.

Serverfarm didn’t confirm the type of power this facility runs on, but did say that the four-year-old LON1 is designed to be “concurrently maintainable with an annualized PUE design of less than 1.25”. Further, the site is part of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center program and is capable of densities up to 40kW/rack.

London, UK

LON1 is a three-story data center, 5 minutes from Heathrow airport and well connected.

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Serverfarm to Add 8MW to London Data Center

Serverfarm is expanding the power capacity at its London data center.

The company this week announced it was adding an additional 8MW of IT capacity to its LON1 facility in response to customer demand.

Serverfarm Expands LON1 Data Center

Serverfarm is adding an extra 8MW of capacity to its LON1 data centre in Feltham, London.

Operated by Serverfarm since March 2018, LON1 comprises a three-story building housing nine halls, with a power and cooling capacity of 20MVA. It is capable of densities up to 40kW/rack. The site is designed with an annualised PUE of less than 1.25 and is part of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Centre programme.

LON1 London data center

The Tech Capital

Having been in the British capital since the spring of 2018, the US operator is now further expanding on the continent.

Data centre operator and developer Serverfarm said it will expand its capacity in the UK capital as a result of growing market demand.

The expansion will see the group add 8MW of capacity to its LON1 data centre which was opened in March 2018 and marked the company’s European debut.

Data Center Planet 

Data center operator and developer, Serverfarm, has announced that it is expanding its London data center which is sited in Feltham, West London, England.

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