7 Reasons to Listen to The Future of Data Centers Podcast

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Data centers keep the world connected. From empowering the most critical industries worldwide to accelerating enterprise digital transformations, data centers have become more essential than ever over the past year. But what exactly lies ahead for the heart of the internet? How will the data center industry fight climate change? What’s DMaaS, and does your company need it now? Are lights-out data centers living up to the hype? How about edge data centers?

In The Future of Data Centers: A Mini-Podcast Series From the Viewpoint of Serverfarmers and Data Growers, we address these most pressing topics in a new quarterly three-episode podcast. Led by a stellar lineup of industry influencers and journalists, along with Serverfarm experts, listeners take a journey into the path ahead for this vital and evolving industry.

If you’re ready to listen now, click here for our first sustainaility-focused series or keep reading for 7 reasons to listen to The Future of Data Centers podcast.

1. Out of this World Format

Each podcast episode blasts off with an unscripted discussion and then takes a deeper dive into the episode’s main topic. At the end of each episode, we wrap things up with a flashback into the interviewees’ personal data center journeys. While audio is our channel of choice to enjoy The Future of Data Centers, each podcast is also available via video on our YouTube channel for those that prefer to watch while they listen.

The format allows for powerful discussions covering controversial topics while providing global news highlights and data center predictions. With over 55% of US consumers tuning into podcasts, it’s safe to say that podcasts are an integral way for people to consume new information regularly. With this mini-series format, Serverfarm delivers new audio content available on demand across all popular podcast players in short, digestible 30-minute-or-less episodes.

2. Stellar Lineup of Podcast Hosts and Guests

With a new mini-series launching each quarter into 2022, we handpicked a leading industry influencer to host and moderate each exciting series, including:

All well respected throughout the data center, sustainability, and construction industries, each host provides a unique perspective into the topics and the mini-series as a whole. From working across platforms to connect the dots between equity, inclusion and sustainability to designing next-generation data centers, each podcast host brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. In addition, world-class analysts and journalists join The Future of Data Centers podcast to communicate the media’s perspective on a range of timely and newsworthy topics.

3. Intriguing Data Center Topics

The Future of Data Centers podcast covers all of the topics you’ll want to learn more about, including:

The first mini-series is sustainability-focused, which perfectly aligns with our mission. Hosted and moderated by Joel Makower, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of GreenBiz, our inaugural three-episode mini-series uncovers the most critical sustainability topics and includes insight from London-based tech journalist Ambrose McNevin, as well as Serverfarm’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, Arun Shenoy, and VP of Construction, Sam Brown. The mini-series takes an in-depth mission into the hottest sustainability topics, including:

4. Our Top Server Farmers and Data Growers

As data architectures and strategies continue to evolve at record pace, the minds behind our global brand created this podcast to connect with other industry professionals, Serverfarm customers, and IT leaders to provide deep expertise to those who may be wondering what the future holds for data centers. Members of Serverfarm’s award-winning leadership team will join each podcast, including:

5. Podcasts Rely on Data Centers

In today’s ever-changing world, podcasts are evolving, and so are data centers. As many as 65% of podcast listeners use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to listen to podcasts while multitasking, exercising, working and performing other tasks. This fact leads us to the strong connection between podcasts, technology and data centers. Without data centers, how would podcasts be streamed around the world?

Technological advances across the data center industry and the ubiquity of connectivity have enabled mobile apps to integrate players and stream podcasts almost anywhere in the world quickly and easily.

6. Learn Something New

This new and off-the-cuff podcast provides an opportunity to learn fresh and interesting facts about data centers while taking a closer look at the people, processes and technologies that are accelerating IT and enabling facilities across the globe. Additionally, we unveil eye-opening stats such as:

7. The Evolution of Serverfarm

Not only does The Future of Data Centers podcast align with Serverfarm’s sustainability mission and core solutions and services, but the podcast also correlates with Serverfarm’s parent company’s recent rebrand from Server Farm Realty, LLC to Serverfarm, LLC. This future-forward change is a direct reflection of our company’s tremendous 24+ years of growth. Moreover, it encompasses Serverfarm’s journey from our beginnings as a commercial real estate brokerage and management firm to where our brand stands today as a leading technology and data center services company servicing Fortune 500 companies. With over 700 locations under management across more than 40 countries and growing rapidly, Serverfarm is heading into the future well prepared. We’re glad you’re here for the ride.

So there you have it, 7 reasons to check out our all-new podcast. If you’re looking to gain insight from leading industry experts and special guests as they discuss everything from sustainability and modernization to digital transformation and edge in a unique mini-podcast series, click here to download The Future of Data Centers podcast now.

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