People of Serverfarm – Greg Gensicki

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As part of our new “People of Serverfarm” blog series, we’re highlighting our amazing team members who keep Serverfarm running around-the-clock. You might know Greg Gensicki as our Director of Operations who helps to keep the Serverfarm ship afloat 24/7/365, but you may not know that he’s a motorcycle-riding, poker-playing pilot! Keep reading to learn more about Greg.

Greg Gensicki started his career with Serverfarm as a Data Center Manager nearly five years ago. He was initially attracted to the company for its award-winning role in the data center space as well as its continued growth.


“I enjoy my job and the people I work with. Serverfarm’s technological innovations (Customer portal and CMMS) are improving operational quality and performance,” said Greg.


Like many staff members at Serverfarm, Greg’s days are anything but typical, but he appreciates the variety of projects that he works on.


“Serverfarm’s technological innovations are improving operational quality and performance.“

“My day can include Microsoft Office 365 and telephony administration, InCommand liaison, and GlobalNOC Project management. I’ve onboarded clients at our London and Amsterdam sites and provided management support at TiTANCH1 and CH2.”

Throughout the years, Greg has seen the data center industry grow and evolve in numerous ways, including increased compliance requirements, providing customers with an array of metrics enabling accurate and easily accessible data, such as maintenance records, and access reports. Most recently, he has seen how the company has been able to safely continue its operations during the pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased customer reliance on remote hands services. The data center provider must provide properly trained personnel to provide for a myriad of customer requests.”

“This in turn allows decisions to be made quickly and projects to be initiated promptly.”

Greg adds that aside from enjoying the culture of Serverfarm, he appreciates how it’s structured, which allows him to fulfill his potential.

“A fairly flat hierarchical structure allows me to be in direct contact with anyone within the company,” Greg says. “This in turn allows decisions to be made quickly and projects to be initiated promptly.”

While his coworkers may know of Greg’s love for animals and volunteer time at the Humane Society, he shares one not so secret talent that his coworkers should take note of in case there is ever a company Karaoke competition. “I have a good singing voice.”

Thanks, Greg, for sharing your experience with us and your hidden talent!