5G: Avoid Layers Of Complexity In Core AND Edge Physical Asset Management

Cloudify your data center with InCommand

Cloud-based management through Serverfarm’s InCommand

With respect to 5G, the definition of Edge is the subject of much discussion and is constantly evolving.

In order to meet the challenges of traditional network upgrades, fiberization, macro network densification, NFV and SDN, the businesses leading 5G build outs can view the concept of Edge as existing almost everywhere on the network.

One aspect of 5G is that it will be built on distributed networks that will see the growing deployment of edge data centers, which place applications, content and services closer to the user.

Add to this what Edge means, in the context of the physical assets, of 5G street furniture, small cell densification points, towers, base stations, micro data centers and other access points including smart cars, and it is obvious that the management challenge of 5G physical equipment is growing exponentially. For example, the EU states that it wants to deploy 10 million smart streetlights (lampposts in Europe) with features including wi-fi, mobile and mesh, image sensing, digital signage and environmental sensors. These will be the new 5G streetlights.


Assets Under Management

The network itself is becoming more complex. Whatever physically exists at the Edge will have a Core management operating environment, in the form of NOCs, exchange interconnects and data centers.

From the perspective of an international data center operator that helps MNOs, National Telcos, Tier1 CSPs, International and Regional ISPs, Back Haul Companies, Metro Fibre Providers, and Cloud Providers with the provision and management of globally distributed data center assets, understanding what is happening at the Edge is vital.

Serverfarm believes that in the 5G era, sound management of core critical data centers has never been more vital to the telco industry. We also believe that experience in this space is highly relevant and directly linked to the successful management of the millions of assets which will live at the 5G network physical edge.

Core AND Edge Management

The management of core data center assets can sometimes be viewed as simply the environmental monitoring of physical buildings. It is, in fact, a far more complex set of challenges. It is here that Serverfarm is providing telcos and enterprises with elegant solutions to managing their distributed assets.

In fact, Serverfarm recently announced a partnership to provide data center management services for one of the world’s most recognizable automotive brands. Serverfarm’s cloud-based InCommand Services are being delivered globally across dozens of data centers that comprise the auto manufacturer’s global IT footprint to deliver breakthrough asset, capacity and change management. Read more here.


Using InCommand Services, operators of globally distributed data center fleets with tens of thousands of assets are gaining granular visibility of everything from the building shell, to the physical power and cooling infrastructure right down to the behavior of the IT equipment. These assets are spread across physical locations including large dedicated data centers, commercial colocation environments and public cloud facilities, right down to office data rooms and server cupboards.

InCommand Services present data center management as cloud-like virtual solutions providing insight across the entire physical technology stack.

All physical environments are monitored and managed using AI and Machine Learning predictive analytics to maximize capacity, raise utilization, deliver resilience, improve uptime and provide high performance and highly efficient operations.

5G network layers are complex. Each layer will present management challenges for equipment providers, implementers, application providers, content providers, service providers and network operators.

Serverfarm is helping telco players prepare for 5G by extending InCommand Services from the core data center to the physical edge to deliver visibility, management and control of assets through a cloud-based platform.

InCommand is a combination of platform, people expertise and processes delivered from the cloud to remove complexity in the management and monitoring of the physical IT and infrastructure assets – both at the Core and at the Edge of 5G networks.