Facing the Fear of Data About Data Centers

InCommand DMaaS

Data Center Management as a Service

InCommand DMaaS is the best engine management system for data centers

The volume, velocity and variety of data on which we all rely is reshaping the modern world.

Therefore, it is vital for digital infrastructure providers to capture, analyze and make better use of the available data about what is happening inside their data centers.

By embracing data driven decision making and letting go of a residual resistance to greater openness, data center operators can begin the transformation journey required to meet new renewable energy imperatives and sustainability goals.                    

5 reasons it is time for all operators to let go of their fear of data:  

  • Data center clients/users want transparency       
  • ESG dictates that the board requires data about what is happening inside their data centers – whether on premise, in colocation, or in the cloud
  • Today’s data on efficiency and power management are the starting point – it is the first stage of a journey towards transforming to flexible, carbon neutral operation
  • Regulators including the SEC and the EU will force enterprises to account for their climate impact and power waste of their data centers
  • All businesses will ask their data center providers for accurate data on energy use

"InCommand DMaaS takes all physical assets in IT, facility and data center environments and presents them as a virtualized service."

Transparency and Accuracy

As they work towards sustainably, the current problem data center operators face is handling the data about the operation of the facility’s infrastructure.

This is now a major concern for operators and their users.

Environmental protection mandates for climate impact disclosure such as those from the SEC, and the soon to be recast EU Energy Directive, will force data centers to account for power use, heat waste and carbon impact. This is equally true for internal enterprise customers, commercial data center customers and cloud suppliers. The infrastructure data requirement is not just about uptime. It is now about efficiency, carbon, and energy.

The data produced must be precise to effectively meet these sustainability directives.

What is InCommand Data Center Management as a Service?

Serverfarm, the leading innovator in DMaaS (Data Center Management as a Service) has developed InCommand.

InCommand DMaaS is a cloud platform designed to provide information on data center physical infrastructure operation. In addition, InCommand provides enterprises the ability to remotely manage data center infrastructure.

Operators increasingly require granular data to effectively manage energy efficiency through measurable targets such as maintaining power caps and ensuring the heat produced by server racks is dealt with. This should be done through efficient cooling that conserves water without compromising power usage effectiveness (PUE).

"There is no discussion about whether ‘data’ is today’s key business value driver – that is just a fact."

Data and Dashboards

Whether local, national or global, users can view their physical servers, room layout and inspect every device within connected facilities across the world.

Using InCommand, power utilization is viewed in real time on all M+E equipment ranging from UPS, rack power units, HVAC and even servers.

InCommand is one of the first and rapidly developing cloud based DMaaS platforms. It combines automation of monitoring DC operations with clear dashboard visualization and control.

This enables the production of data about power, cooling and space in real time using ML (machine learning) to drive operational effectiveness and efficiency for the benefit of the data center colocation host, cloud provider, enterprise operator and the end user client.

One client of Serverfarm stated: “Implementing InCommand resulted in $20,000,000 + in savings, reduced turnaround times and improved quality of service”.

Data acquired from data center equipment is stored and analyzed at scale enabling InCommand to provide precise data which can be used to inform energy efficiency strategies to meet measurable targets.

Metrics enable data center floor space and rack density to increase through predictive analytics that create precise life cycle management information. It can even be used to prevent power outages occurring.

Arun Shenoy, CMO & SVP at Serverfarm says: “InCommand DMaaS takes all physical assets in IT, facility and data center environments and presents them as a virtualized service. Winner of multiple innovation awards, InCommand combines data center management expertise with an evolving cloud-based software solution to maximize enterprise infrastructure asset utilization – efficiently and measurably. Just as importantly it takes the fear out of the management of data center data. By presenting a complete picture, decisions are based on operational realities. There is no discussion about whether ‘data’ is today’s key business value driver – that is just a fact.  It has been called the new oil. Oil goes into an engine and that engine is the data center. Running an inefficient engine is costly and unsustainable. Engines need to be finely tuned and InCommand DMaaS is the best engine management system for data centers.”

InCommand already monitors over 700 data center locations, in 45 countries, a combined 3 million square feet and manages more than 320 MW combined.

Focused on the management of physical infrastructure through technology, better data, modern procedures and methods engineers, CIOs and CTOs can use InCommand for remote data center management across the world.

For more information about Serverfarm and InCommand please use the link below:  https://www.serverfarmllc.com/incommand/

Data Cloud Global Congress:

Representatives from Serverfarm will be attending Datacloud Global Congress 25-27th April, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco. Contact us to set up a meeting. 

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