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Right before the holidays, we launched a new website. It was time for a refresh on the user experience, messaging and branding of our digital storefront, and we’re proud of the result.

Today, we’d like to offer a peek behind the curtain to provide our reasoning for some of the core changes. Keep reading for three stories our new site is revealing about the evolution of Serverfarm.

"InCommand drives operational financial efficiency and sustainability through optimum energy and capacity use."

1. Focus on DMaaS

Maybe most importantly, our new website highlights Serverfarm’s focus on data center management as a service (DMaaS), which is a relatively new acronym in an acronym-heavy industry. DMaaS refers to a complete virtualization of the data center, MEP and IT assets. While sometimes confused with DCIM (data center infrastructure management), DMaaS goes far beyond DCIM by delivering a fully integrated, cloud-based solution that combines DCIM with machine learning and human expertise to deliver critical analytics.

With an entire page dedicated to InCommand, our DMaaS service and platform, visitors can gain insight into how InCommand manages hundreds of data center sites for clients across the world. Our new site also clearly illustrates how InCommand drives operational financial efficiency and sustainability through optimum energy and capacity use. Benefits of using the InCommand “as a cloud and from a cloud” DMaaS analytical platform include real-time technical insights in order to:

  • Develop better working practices
  • Improve process and control
  • Capture Internet of Things (IoT) data
  • Monitor continuously

"Data center design is a step beyond real estate services."

2. A New Take on Our Three Main Pillars

Previously, our site was divided into three main services pillars: data centers, real estate and IT management. Today, you’ll still see three buckets that all services fall into, but they’re now updated and labeled colocation, data center design and IT management.

The third, IT management, will always be at the core of what we do at Serverfarm. That category is where our InCommand DMaaS platform falls. And of course, “data centers,” or “colocation” on the current site, is the physical infrastructure that we offer — the global commercial data center fleet consisting of fully M&E-modernized, sustainability-conscious buildings throughout the U.S., Canada, EMEA and the Middle East. Serverfarm provides bespoke colocation services that allow customers to work with agility and focus on innovation.

The third change — from “real estate” to “data center design” — illustrates an interesting point. It’s true that we have a rare eye for real estate opportunities and billions of dollars in investment and construction experience worldwide. Serverfarm is privately held by the Red Sea Group, an international real estate development company with 45+ years of experience and a strong capital base. But much like DMaaS goes deeper than DCIM, data center design is a step beyond real estate services. Whether our client is modernizing an existing data center, revamping another building or developing a new facility, our team is offering expert planning and execution.

From acquisition to site analysis to development, Serverfarm’s in-house experts design, construct and reposition assets. Serverfarm develops optimized assets and extends the life of existing sites through premier, efficiently designed data center space.

3. An Historical Evolution

Though Serverfarm often feels like a young, nimble company, we’ve been around since 1999. Over the past 23 years, we’ve continuously innovated in all areas: data center acquisition, operation, design, colocation services and IT management.

The new timeline on our About page illustrates this evolution. Beginning in 1999 with our inaugural data center in Dallas, the timeline stretches to December 2021, when we announced our entrance into the Israeli market with a new state-of-the-art, hyperscale data center.

From our humble beginnings with a single data center in Dallas to nine core facilities and 700+ locations under management across more than 45 countries, times have certainly changed.

Our customer focus remains steady, though, and that’s why we made sure our clients, partners and prospects could easily navigate through all the information on our site. Be sure to check out our Resources section for free whitepapers, reports, podcasts, videos and more. 

Our holistic and customer-focused approach empowers enterprises and service providers to:

  • Realize the true financial value of data center assets
  • Eradicate design debt through optimization of underperforming assets
  • Execute technology-based strategies
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Develop bespoke, customized experiences
  • Ensure availability at all times
  • Improve reliability
  • Meet sustainability objectives

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