How DCIM as a Managed Service is Transforming the Data Center Market

When deployed successfully, managers say that DCIM software has revolutionized their operations. It lowers risk, it makes it easier to push utilization levels higher, and it enables effective capacity provisioning and planning, among other benefits.

For others, however, the software has not achieved the ROI they expected. This is often because DCIM is an enabling technology as much as it is a management approach. To realize DCIM’s full value, project leadership, operational process and cross-domain collaboration are essential. This means that the cost – and value – of a DCIM installation goes well beyond the software license; new internal operational, business procedures and workflows are required.

This webinar explores these issues in detail and addresses the key question: “Is there any ‘easy’ button’ for DCIM to be successful?”

The panel will be moderated by Fred Dirla, former COO of Nlyte and includes:

  • Rhonda Ascierto, Senior Research Analyst 451 – Explores the issues DCIM has experienced in the marketplace and addresses the key question:  Is there any ‘easy’ button’ for DCIM to be successful?
  • John Parker, Global Data Center Manager, ESRI – Shares how the InCommand Services team works seamlessly with ESRI’s IT team to support the management of data center IT infrastructure
  • Damian Ehrlicher, EVP Sales and Marketing, Serverfarm – Shows how InCommand Services employs people, process and the InCommand portal to provide a deep, holistic view into a company’s entire data center portfolio.

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