Trickle-down DCIM

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Here are some tips for maximizing ROI from data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software

Article written for Datacenter Dynamics

For all its promise of transforming data center operations to become more resilient, efficient and agile, it’s important to remember that Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software is primarily an enabling technology. Yes, DCIM solutions leverage automation and real-time telemetry data to provide a holistic view of the data center at the server and rack level. However, most IT staff do not leverage these automation functions at the outset of their DCIM deployment.

As an enabling technology, DCIM software enables staff to reduce or eliminate over-provisioning, to run data centers at higher temperatures thereby saving expenditures related to cooling, and to increase server utilization levels. But if DCIM is so revolutionary, why do so many IT departments become frustrated with its implementation, eventually ripping it out and replacing it, or relegating it to very expensive shelfware?

In my experience, I’ve observed that DCIM deployments tend to fail or succeed based on the relative status of three core issues. Let’s examine each of these issues in their turn.