451’s Take on InCommand

Cloudify your data center with InCommand


Serverfarm differentiates with IT-focused colocation DCIM

RHONDA ASCIERTO, 451 Research | 2 APRIL 2018
Originally published April 2, 2018, this report provides an objective perspective on how Serverfarm’s internally developed InCommand system helps customers to gain control of their data center’s operations through a highly sophisticated yet easy-to-use DCIM suite and services.
It explains how our DCIM administrators manage all aspects of our customers’ InCommand data from our remote NOC. This includes everything from entering data into the system to customizing and documenting site processes. It also uses internal tools that alert for discrepancies–for example, when new equipment is detected on the network but there is no record of an installation.

Here’s a sneak peek at THE 451 TAKE:

“Serverfarm’s DCIM approach is progressive, if not atypical. Serverfarm is well positioned to serve its midsize and large customers that are focused on IT efficiency, including those in the growing third-party facilities management outsourcing sector (CBRE, JLL, etc.).”

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