Multi-Tenant Data Centers Innovating for the Future

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Innovating for Competitive Gain

This report was written by the Datacenters & Critical Instructure team: Jeffrey Fidacaro, Senior Analyst; Rhonda Ascierto, Research Director; and Daniel Bizo, Senior Analyst; with contributions from Rosanna Jimenez, Research Associate.

Originally published in March 2018, 451 Research compiled this report based on a series of in-depth Market Impact Reports, phone-based interviews and on-site visits conducted during the past 18 months with a range of MTDC providers and customers, datacenter technology suppliers and datacenter operators. One of their key findings was that multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) providers are increasingly adjusting their datacenter build and operation strategies to meet the changing infrastructure requirements of different customers, and to remain competitive in this highly fragmented market.

Below is a sneak peek of this report, including the list of multi-tenant data center providers.


With IT environments becoming ever more complex and integrated across organizational and geographical boundaries, the role of the datacenter is changing too. Demand for multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) capacity is growing and customers’ datacenter service requirements are expanding, causing MTDC providers to re-evaluate how they design, build and operate their facilities. Intense competition is also leading MTDC providers of all sizes to innovate in an attempt to differentiate and deliver more value-added services.

“…a need for MTDCs to deliver infrastructure and services that are agile, scalable, secure and cost-effective.”

The fundamental outlook for MTDC providers is healthy, aided by the migration of enterprise workloads out of privately owned and operated datacenters into better-connected and arguably more efficient commercial facilities, demand from the cloud and managed service providers that serve them, and the overall growth of hyperscale and service provider operators. While the market is robust, however, it is also getting more complicated: The changing mix of customers can have a number of very different requirements for infrastructure and services. There is also a rapid transition of workloads into public cloud environments, where MTDC providers are competing against falling prices and expanded public cloud services, driving a need for MTDCs to deliver infrastructure and services that are agile, scalable, secure and cost-effective.

Which technologies and services are MTDC providers deploying to meet changing customer demands? This report provides an overview, including a sample of more than a dozen MTDC providers that are exploiting innovative designs, deployment approaches and services for competitive gain. The case studies discussed illustrate various strategic approaches and technologies, including datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM)-based customer portals, rich connectivity, prefabricated modular (PFM) datacenters, advanced power and cooling technologies, and facility management and other services.

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