Moses Lake, Washington

This former Air Force command and control facility, which is built to withstand a nuclear strike, offers 136,000 square feet of data center space with a uniquely low risk natural disaster profile and an adjacent 11 acres.


  • 24MW of critical power available
  • Space available
  • Concurrently maintainable standards
  • 136,000 SF facility
  • Potential to build 250,000 SF with 40 MW critical load on adjacent 11 acres
  • High-efficiency with PUE of 1.25
  • Flexible cooling design accommodates densities ranging from 100 W/SF to 300 W/SF
  • 2B seismic rating – lowest in the Western U.S.
  • Clean, renewable, and reliable hydro-electric energy <$0.026
  • New 120MW capacity substation adjacent
  • HP verified reliability of 99.999%
  • Tax incentives in place
  • Office storage and conference space



Our Moses Lake site is powered by two separate substations from two different PUDs fed by two different hydro-electric dams and distributed to a block redundant electrical system. The block redundant architecture is configured so that a single 1MW catcher buss supports four (4) 1MW primary busses. Each buss contains two (2) 500kVA/kW unity power factor UPS units that are paralleled together to provide power to STS units and PDUs located on the data hall floor. The block redundant architecture and incorporation of STS units with dual cord servers yields a topography with a reliability of 99.999%.


The site uses highly efficient 135 ton hybrid air handlers (AHU) configured in an N+1 topology to deliver conditioned air to the IT loads. ASHRAE TC9.9 recommended temperature conditions are maintained throughout the year. Due to the configuration of the hybrid AHUs, non-mechanical cooling can be used over 90% of the year, which has resulted in an annual PUE of better than 1.3.


This facility is on-net for a number of carriers and to augment this connectivity and the fiber takes a minimum of two (2) distinct and redundant paths back through Seattle and Spokane.

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