The Evolution of Data Center Management

Cloudify your data center with InCommand

Several BizClik publications highlight Serverfarm’s story, which speaks to how the sector has evolved and current industry trends.

In a digitally-driven world led by automation and optimization, the critical infrastructure powering such innovation is undergoing its own transformation. A perfect storm is pushing the business community to embrace new ways of streamlining IT and data center operations – in order to keep pace with unprecedented capacity demands while minimizing costs.     

As a company that’s been at the forefront of the sector for the past 20+ years, Serverfarm is at the heart of that effort, helping service providers and enterprises digitally transform their IT and data center environments. In an often challenging business climate, Serverfarm sees automation, efficiency and sustainability as the path forward.  

Arun Shenoy, SVP Global Sales & Marketing at Serverfarm, discusses the history of Serverfarm, how the sector has evolved and current industry trends in several BizClik publications this month. Check out the full feature here, which highlights a few Serverfarm partners as well, including i3NYI and Salute. Telling the story behind the evolution of data center management overall, the piece also addresses data center sustainability, cloud and hyper-scale providers, edge computing, IoT and more.

“Quite early on in our life as a company, we identified two things,” explained Arun Shenoy, SVP Global Sales and Marketing, in the BizClik piece. “The first thing that we spotted towards the end of the nineties is that the real estate part of data centers – the buildings, the land and the locations that they reside in – are actually very inefficient. In fact, in terms of real estate assets, data centers are probably the least efficient.”

In the 10 proceeding years, Serverfarm came to its second conclusion: that the same inefficiencies in the real estate space were beginning to emerge in the infrastructure space. “The way that people deployed physical infrastructure, mechanical and electrical systems, IT, and network and storage environments was also inefficient. Again, most companies were building more capacity than they needed. The end result for us as a company meant that we started to become a much broader operating company in terms of the sorts of services that we were providing to our customers.” 

As a result of these changes to its operating model, Serverfarm has moved further into the IT environment over the years, helping with capacity planning, asset management and change management so that it can bring together the three main elements that make up a data center —the real estate, the facility environment and the IT environment. “When you bring those three together, that’s when you can really make data centers reliable and efficient. You cannot make a data center efficient by simply focusing on one of these elements.” Serverfarm developed its award-winning InCommand Services to achieve this goal for customers. InCommand is an integrated service platform that brings together people and processes into a portal-based solution for maximum data center operational efficiency – creating a cloud-like experience for data centers. 

By teaming up with some of the most experienced, cutting-edge partners in the industry and listening closely to evolving customer needs over the past 20+ years, Serverfarm has emerged as an innovator and disruptor in the data centre management as a service (DMaaS) space. Serverfarm is now delivering DMaaS at over 100 locations across 40 countries. DMaaS, to Serverfarm, goes much deeper than simply offering DCIM software in the cloud; it delivers a fully managed service for busy C-suites who want to focus on their core business. It’s the answer to the latest demand from enterprises and service providers alike.

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