Data Center Operators Cut Onsite Staff and Visitors, Postpone Projects

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The pandemic has put double pressure on critical infrastructure providers, who must stay open while helping slow the virus’s spread. Serverfarm shares some of the measures we are taking to do that. Click here to read the full article on the Data Center Knowledge website. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, data center operators around the world are reducing foot traffic to their facilities and postponing non-critical maintenance and construction projects.

As more people work remotely using digital communication tools and consume online entertainment while way from school or the office, demand on the global network and data center infrastructure is greater than ever – and so is the importance of ensuring this infrastructure doesn’t fail.

But data center operators themselves face many of the same challenges as other organizations. They want to keep their staff and customers safe, slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, comply with local restrictions, and, in some areas, manage disruptions caused by local quarantines, lockdowns, or restrictions on public transit.

Access Control, Cheaper Remote Hands, Visitor Screening

Data center operators are also stepping up to help their customers adapt to the new environment.

Serverfarm, for example, is lowering the rates for its remote assistance services, CEO Avner Papouchado wrote in a letter to customers Tuesday.

Like other data center companies, Serverfarm has suspended non-essential business travel and taken other steps to reduce the possibility of transmitting the virus.

“All our employees are working with each other, our customers, and our partners through digital means,” Papouchado wrote.

Serverfarm has added a page to its website to explain its COVID-19 preparations.

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