Smart Cloud and SaaS Providers Are Using Serverfarm to Control Data Center Costs and Maintain Service Levels

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The Economist magazine says there is a battle for margins in big cloud. Every cloud player should see what Serverfarm is doing in its data centers.

A recent article in The Economist magazine was titled: “The cloud computing giants are attempting to protect fat margins”.

It starts with a big number: “Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft have together invested almost $120bn in the past 12 months, most of it in data centers and the servers that power them,” it says.

As a data center provider to big cloud players, it has been obvious to Serverfarm for some time that big spending and increased competition among providers are behind the quest for new revenue streams and squeezing costs.

On the cost side, smart cloud providers are going much further than simply extending server refresh cycles. Cloud hyperscalers, such as AWS, Alphabet and Microsoft are also looking to the commercial data center supplier base and asking: “How are you helping drive down my cost of goods?”

"Serverfarm’s InCommand DMaaS goes way beyond DCIM."

The answer to cost control is data. The cloud data center guys are smart customers and want proof of what is happening in within the white space, in power, cooling and IT utilization.

Cloud customers within Serverfarm’s data centers benefit from deep insight into how physical infrastructure utilization can be maximized that goes far beyond how much power the servers have available and how much is being used at any time.

Serverfarm’s InCommand DMaaS goes way beyond DCIM with features such as Power/temp/humidity/cooling monitoring; IT capacity planning and management;

Patented power redundancy planning algorithms and IT asset lifecycle management
(This is just a flavor, InCommand is the full cloud data center management as a service [DMaaS] platform.)
What is DMaaS?

"Cloud providers are being more transparent than ever about their data centers."

When it comes to revenue chasing, the market no longer accepts cloud data centers to be shrouded in mystery. Cloud providers are being more transparent than ever about their data centers. Enterprise customers know this, and smart customers are asking tough infrastructure questions of their providers.

As cloud providers seek higher margins by layering software over the data storage and access services, in part to make their clouds more ‘sticky’, so the demands on infrastructure become more dynamic making operational efficiency more important for everything from service levels to cost management to sustainability.  

For anyone in the cloud space who is interested in how data centers can and should be run, read how Serverfarm is already helping the SaaS market keep enterprise customers happy.

Serverfarm is growing its data center fleet helping cloud providers keep a lid on costs from Los Angeles to London, Amsterdam to Tel Aviv.

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