How Serverfarm InCommand DMaaS Underpins High Performance SaaS Provision

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Data center strategies of the big SaaS companies will increasingly be data driven.

Software as a Service (SaaS) delivered enterprise applications is one of the great efficiency success stories of the digital era.

Current research points to the global SaaS market reaching $716.52 billion by 2028 at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 27.5% from today. According to Gartner, SaaS remains the largest public cloud services market segment, forecast to reach $176.6 billion in end-user spending in 2022.

As big SaaS firms expand their physical footprint in third party data centers and across cloud platforms such as AWS, through new regions and zones across the world, visibility into facility operations and efficiency will play a growing part in platform performance.

SaaS companies work on providing software instances replicated across multiple data centers. For example, Workday, one of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies for enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, has a Service Availability commitment for a given calendar month of 99.7%.

The provider says it “maintains a geographically distant Disaster Recovery (DR) data center with the same design, equipment, and capacity levels as production. All changes made to the production environment are also made in the DR environment to ensure consistency.”

Other big SaaS firms such as Salesforce, Oracle and ServiceNow execute similar “pairing” data center strategies across different locations such as Oracle’s 44 cloud regions to date.

There is a lot more to data center operation than effective disaster planning. Efficient day to day operations provide the greatest performance benefits for customers and meet regulatory compliance needs.

Data center selection criteria for SaaS companies are similar to those of cloud providers. Both operate in very competitive markets where high service levels and tight cost control is vital.

At their core as suppliers, SaaS providers are data companies that provide visibility into enterprise operations that enable firms to operate efficiently, improve productivity and ultimately become more profitable.

"DMaaS empowers data centers to operate more efficiently, improves their output and raises return on capital deployed."

How InCommand® Helps Drive Better SaaS

Serverfarm InCommand DMaaS cloud platform provides SaaS providers with trusted data to manage day to day operations and inform strategic planning challenges.

Through combined human expertise, proven processes, and real time data, DMaaS empowers data centers to operate more efficiently, improves their output and raises return on capital deployed. (What Is DMaaS?)

InCommand DMaaS provides unique and real time views on infrastructure utilization, device locations, device health, connectivity and more.

The InCommand portal provides power details for every rack and circuit allowing the client to have a real time view into power use and availability. It models all data, makes it visible for clients to view on the platform dashboard and maintains that data on behalf of the client.

As data center customers, SaaS companies understand the power and value of Serverfarm InCommand DMaaS.

SaaS cloud infrastructure operations – in owned and operated, commercial and across clouds such as AWS can benefit from InCommand as they seek to keep a lid on costs and drive sustainability across their services.

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