What is DMaaS?

Data Center Management as a Service, referred to as DMaaS by CIOs and CTOs worldwide, is more than just another tech acronym – it’s a complete virtualization of the data center, MEP and IT assets. While sometimes confused with or compared to DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management), DMaaS goes far beyond DCIM in that it offers a fully integrated, cloud-based solution that combines data center infrastructure management with machine learning and human expertise to deliver critical analytics. With this data, IT workloads, strategic deployments, capacity utilization and energy usage can be maximized to save enterprises millions on capital expenses.

DMaaS also empowers enterprises to manage their assets virtually from anywhere in the world, critical in today’s ever-changing, evolving landscape.

For a more in-depth definition, download our Future of Data Centers Podcast DMaaS-focused mini-series here or click below for highlights from our “What is DMaaS? ” episode.

Data Center Management as a Service Powered by InCommand

Powered by InCommand, Serverfarm’s proprietary cloud-based platform and the cornerstone of our DMaaS offering, we enable enterprises to innovate at scale by bringing together three critical components: people, processes and a portal. By doing so, Serverfarm has the ability to not only detect and eliminate costly incidents, but help make future predictions with greater accuracy. Enterprises in over 750 locations across more than 45 countries are leveraging our world-leading DMaaS solution, providing the business intelligence and data needed to innovate, scale and grow.

A Prime Example of DMaaS in Action

It’s been said that DMaaS is transforming the data center industry, and we couldn’t agree more. In one recent example, Serverfarm implemented data center management as a service in a customer data center, and via InCommand, 90,000 alerts showed up in the first month. Serverfarm identified 108 alerts needing human intervention (nearly 89,000 were just noise), addressed those concerns, and not a single alert became an escalation. The customer saw zero tickets.

InCommand Serverfarm

Top Benefits of DMaaS

With machine learning capabilities, Serverfarm’s DMaaS solution is accelerating growth and innovation for enterprises across the globe. The vital data it provides allows CIOs and CTOs to make informed decisions. We build that information repository using our InCommand platform and enable organizations to leverage data analytics to execute critical tasks, including capacity planning, change control, manage governance and work orders.


Allows enterprises to manage their data center assets virtually from anywhere in the world

Increases sustainability

Significantly eliminates costly incidents and downtimes

InCommand Enables Innovation at Scale While Saving Enterprises Millions

InCommand takes all physical assets in IT, facility and data center environments and presents them as a virtualized service. Winner of multiple innovation awards, InCommand combines data center management expertise with an evolving cloud-based software solution to maximize enterprise infrastructure assets.