Chicago, Illinois

Located in the heart of Chicago’s downtown data centers, this building was completely designed as a data center and provides over 134,000 square feet of scalable colocation computing space on 5.2 acres.


  • 40MW of total electrical service to building
  • 20 MW data center critical load
  • Concurrently maintainable electrical infrastructure
  • Central Chiller Plant with Multiple Path Piping (4,500 Tons)
  • 443,446 SF gross building on 5.2 acres
  • Design PUE of 1.4
  • Up to 300 watts per SF
  • 2 carrier neutral meet me rooms and multiple fiber entrances and dual connection to coal tunnel long haul fiber
  • Low latency to downtown Chicago (.006ms), Aurora (.308ms) and Cermak (.020ms)
  • Office storage and conference space



Our Chicago site is powered by 12 utility feeds from 4 substations in a redundant configuration. The block redundant architecture is configured so that a single 2 MW catcher buss supports four (4) 2 MW primary busses. Each primary buss has two (2) 1 MW unity power factor UPS systems that are configured in a distributed redundant architecture. Three (3) 500 kVA/kW UPS units make up a single N+1 1 MW UPS system. Power is then distributed to PDUs located on the data hall floor.


A 1,400 Ton water cooled chilled water plant is utilized for heat rejections. Chilled water is fed via dual risers to each IT floor to create a chilled water loop on each floor. The chilled water is fed to CRAH units configured in an N+4 topology located on the data hall floor. A waterside economizer is utilized in the chilled water plant to maximize efficiency throughout the year, yielding an annual PUE of 1.4.


This facility is on-net for a large number of carriers which use the site as a major Content Distribution point. To augment this connectivity BGP service can be purchased through Server Farm. We provide carrier neutral carrier connect, dark fiber and light fiber.

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