The Benefits Of Wholesale Data Center Space

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Business owners often find it a little bit nerve-wracking to move their computer-stored data and other resources to a new data center facility. This is easy to understand. After all, trusting a third party with your information could lead to feelings of vulnerability. The wholesale data center model offers greater control and security than colocation space. With the right wholesale provider, you should be find that your business is benefitting in many different ways. If the possibility of leasing wholesale data center space has come up in any of your administrative meetings, then you may want to pay attention to the following advantages in order to present them the next time the subject is broached.

Reduce Business Costs

First of all, there is a great potential for financial savings. Businesses which had previously been maintaining their own IT service will find that a wholesale data center greatly reduces the strain on those resources. In one step, you may be able to eliminate or reduce the costs of maintaining the IT equipment and staff. The money that you had previously been allocating to IT can then be put into other areas of your business.

Provide Greater Redundancy

Businesses can often be caught off-guard when their power goes down because of bad weather or downed power lines. When the power goes out, both businesses and customers become frustrated at the lack of service available. Maybe you have been caught in this situation before. Wholesale data centers bring to you all of the redundancy of the data center. Extra generators, backup cooling systems, and redundancy for other crucial systems is much easier to maintain at the data center level than it is for individual businesses.

Tighten Security for Confidential Information

Just as redundancy is easier for a data center than for businesses, so is tight security. While you may be able to pay for better locks or even a security system, data centers regularly maintain, test, and upgrade their security. Some of the common security features that you’ll find when using data center colocation are:

Increased Capacity and Speed for Computer Processing

If your business is often searching for more Internet speed and memory (and who isn’t?), then data center relocation offers a great solution. These data centers are able to gain access to the best Internet services, including the best rates. This will give you more power, faster processing, more memory, and more service for your money.

Additional Customer Support

When you have turned to wholesale data center space, you’ll find that you’ve also gained access to knowledgeable and professional customer and IT support. The experienced data center staff works with customers through the build process to ensure all requirements are met.

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