Serverfarm’s Approach to Data Centers in the European Market

Addressing the ESG, decarbonization and sustainability challenges to providing net zero data centers and IT. A paper for CTOs, CIOs and Data Center professionals.

A comprehensive approach to developing data center infrastructure, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.

Serverfarm’s unique asset development approach is based on an established methodology with proven repeatable processes delivered through engineering expertise across eight existing sites totaling over 125MW of capacity.

Serverfarm facilities are refurbished buildings that align with and enable client commitments to environmental responsibility.

This proven methodology ensures a ‘steady state’ basis for expansion allowing Serverfarm to quickly navigate each development stage with efficiency and precision from site acquisition to commissioning. It is especially suitable for entry into new metro markets.


Europe is competing to develop as an AI hub through such packages as the European Commission €134 billion Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), and in its January 2024 pledge to create and adopt trustworthy digital development in AI.

This is in part driving the establishment of new European cloud regions, availability zones, and AI services by hyperscale cloud players and resulted in new demand for ultra-modern infrastructure.

Serverfarm is a specialist in meeting the evolving requirements of cloud and AI companies. For example, our in-house engineering expertise enables the deployment of innovative power topologies, ensuring sustainable power utilization and efficiency as rack densities and cooling requirements increase for AI,  ML (Machine Learning) and HPC (High Performance Computing) workloads.

Serverfarm’s AMS1 and LON1 data centers also deliver additional computational power at scale while minimizing its cloud client’s environmental footprint.

Cloud and AI demand requires new infrastructure at a time that hat the FLAP-D markets are facing increasing constraints in terms of power usage and new facility construction.

Yet Europe’s sovereignty laws require data to be housed close to its origin. In the short term, the hyperscaler’s development is expected to increase data center power consumption of 667MW in 2024 according to CBRE’s European Real Estate Market Outlook.

A key feature of Serverfarm’s data centers is our designed-in flexibility that can accommodate on-site power generation, sustainable energy sources and microgrids. These facilities are built to adapt to changing technology and energy consumption patterns.

With many decades of in-house engineering expertise, Serverfarm excels in designing behind-the-meter power topologies that prioritize sustainability and efficiency, even in the face of rising rack densities and demanding workloads.

AMS1 Amsterdam Data Sheet

LON1 London Data Sheet

Serverfarm’s mission is the optimization of energy utilization for IT compute. Traditional data center power topology designs often result in inefficiencies and wasted resources. Serverfarm specializes in maximizing performance while minimizing energy consumption. This approach benefits the environment and offers significant cost savings for businesses operating in an increasingly competitive market.

Cloud and AI companies will continue to expand into metro markets through data center development based on commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. Serverfarm is well positioned to support every aspect of their infrastructure expansion strategy.

Through our world leading InCommand DMaaS (Data Center Management as a Service) platform, our customers also benefit from power, cooling, physical IT oversight and management tailored to meet their requirements.

Serverfarm enables more connected, intelligent, and sustainable data center infrastructure.

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