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Data Center + IT Collaboration to Cut Carbon

Addressing the ESG, decarbonization and sustainability challenges to providing net zero data centers and IT. A paper for CTOs, CIOs and Data Center professionals.

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The roles of CIOs, CTOs, and Data Center Leaders in evaluating sustainability

The layers of the IT stack to evaluate for sustainability and decarbonization

The recommended approach for measuring sustainability impact in your organization

A Combined Approach to Measuring Sustainability Impact

CIOs and CTOs who need to gain an understanding of the energy and carbon emissions profile of their digital infrastructure and operations have traditionally evaluated the top few layers of the IT stack. These layers include the apps, development methodologies, software architectures, processor architectures and server, storage and networking infrastructure.

We believe a combined top down and bottom up approach to measuring the sustainability impact of each layer of the stack can start to deliver tangible results.

If you are a CIO, CTO, DC leader, cloud GM or corporate officer of any type with an interest in cutting GHGs from the delivery of digital services, this informational white paper is for you. 

This paper sets out some of the considerations faced by digital stakeholders and some advisory notes. There is much to evaluate.

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