Avner Papouchado Speaking at DICE USA

Nov 17, 2020



Avner Papouchado participates in DICE USA’s panel: State of the Data Center Market: The Capital Stack, Enterprise Demand and National Market Growth – Wednesday November 18 at 10AM PST

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Annual investment in the data center industry has exceeded 170 Billion since 2019 and is projecting to far exceed that through 2025. Opportunity in the sector is growing and investors see yield in this recession-proof asset class. Where are opportunities being found for investment now? As the sector evolves, where are opportunities being found to maximize capital stacks? 

What we’ll discuss:

– What direction is investment taking for the data center sector. Where can yield be found? 

– Are there regions that have the most opportunity for both new and experienced investors? 

– Are Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 markets the focus for investment strategy moving forward? Why? 

– How is debt and equity being used for expanding facilities? Are these strategies long term methods for acquisitions?


Featured Speakers

Avner Papouchado
CEO – Serverfarm

Chris Crosby
CEO – Compass Datacenters

Buddy Rizer
Executive Director – Loudoun County, Virginia Economic Development

Chris Sharp
CTO – Digital Realty Trust

John Sheputis
Managing Director – GI Partners

Mitchell Carrel
Partner – Freeborn & Peters


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