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Five Data Centers Will Enhance Nantworks Data Management Capabilities In Healthcare And Other Applications

EL SEGUNDO, CA – May 2, 2012 – California based Server Farm Realty, Inc., the nation’s most innovative data center developer, today announced that it has formed a partnership with NantWorks, LLC.  This convergence will combine state-of-the-art data centers with advanced communications and computing technologies to benefit healthcare, science, media and entertainment.

“We are proud to be a part of Nant Works and Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong’s mission to digitally revolutionize scientific research, healthcare and other industries” said Avner Papouchado, President and Chief Executive Officer of Server Farm Realty. “Our robust, cost effective, highly reliable and Green data centers will allow NantWorks the ability to run and support a nationwide network and to quickly and easily scale to meet its growing requirements.”

“One of the great challenges of our time is the management, storage and analysis of the kind of massive data sets required by genomic medicine or augmented intelligence,” said Nant Works Founder and CEO Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. “NantWorks is addressing that challenge and Server Farm is a vital part of our solution.”

Server Farm Realty currently has five operating data center projects located in Washington State, Santa Clara, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL and Pennsylvania – 160 MW of capacity. Server Farm and NantWorks bring their considerable financial strength to a capital intensive industry with a long term vision committed to delivering a superior product via advanced design, innovation and meticulous execution. Each of the data centers is strategically located offering the lowest total coast of occupancy and low latency fiber connectivity.

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Server Farm Realty Inc. is changing the way wholesale data centers are built and leased. Server Farm Realty builds highly reliable and efficient custom data centers. Server Farm Realty works with its customers through the build process, giving them direct input in the data center design. This ensures that customer requirements are met and cost is based on customer needs. For more information visit

About NantWorks

NantWorks LLC is a company founded and led by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. Its mission is to converge semiconductor technology, supercomputing, advanced networks, augmented intelligence and other technologies to transform how we work, play and live. Early applications will be in the fields including scientific research and healthcare.

NantWorks is building an integrated, evidence-based, genomically-informed, personalized approach to the delivery of care and the development of next generation diagnostics and therapeutics. For more information, see

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Server Farm Realty, LLC is the data center and resources arm under Red Sea Group, and one of the nation’s most innovative data center developers.  The firm builds highly reliable and efficient custom data centers that offer concurrent maintainability. For more information, visit

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