Our New Disrupted Reality: The Future of Internet Infrastructure Webinar

by Aug 11, 2020




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Serverfarm and NYI host an informal virtual brainstorm, Q&A and networking event to reflect on the evolution of critical infrastructure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the best way to move forward as a community.

Featured Speakers:
Serverfarm’s SVP Sales & Marketing, Arun Shenoy
NYI’s Co-Founder and COO, Phillip Koblence

Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA), Dean Perrine
Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA), Amy Chovanec

Organizations of all sizes, verticals and types have had to pivot at lightspeed over the past few months due to the coronavirus outbreak, accelerating digital transformation timelines and even shifting business models. As the personal and professional have merged, many people have been forced into the mission-critical IT role within their own home. The connectivity industry has stepped into the spotlight, with the world recognizing the critical nature of our internet infrastructure and how it permeates every aspect of our lives: work, school, streaming, even virtual workouts, music lessons and more. In March, Capacity reported a traffic record of more than 9.1 Terabits per second at DE-CIX Frankfurt, a 34% rise in VPN traffic at Verizon, a 50% increase in Internet usage across a few European countries over at Vodafone, and a 40% jump in mobile volumes at AT&T, to name a few stats.


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