How to Cloudify Your Data Center

How to Cloudify Your Data Center

The best of the cloud, applied to physical facility and IT assets

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How to deliver hyperscaler-level service

Rethinking ways to manage infrastructure and IT assets

What Does It Mean To Cloudify?

How can enterprises create a data center and IT environment that provides the same economies and service levels achieved by the web giants? It requires a holistic approach and, often, a fundamental rethinking of how the data center and IT function is viewed within business.

We’d like to suggest a cloudify approach. To us, cloudifying means selecting the best features of the cloud – such as flexibility, SLAs, cost transparency and security – and applying them to physical facility and IT assets. Today, hybrid cloud is becoming multi-cloud, and multi-cloud-driven data center strategies are increasingly common across on-premise, commercial DC cloud on ramps, hybrid, private and public cloud platforms.

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