Our Team

Greg Ford

Chief Product Officer

Greg Ford joined Serverfarm after seven years at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he spent his first two years in data center capacity planning before leading teams responsible for data center expansion across the Americas. As a leader in Americas Data Center Infrastructure space, he built and scaled a dedicated edge supply team to propel AWS edge network, content delivery and localized compute growth and led an integrated real estate development and colocation leasing organization to scale AWS regions and AI infrastructure across both new and existing markets. Prior to AWS, Greg served eight years as a Cyberspace Operations Officer in the United States Air Force supporting both Department of Defense and National Intelligence sectors before leading information security at UW Medicine. At Serverfarm, Greg leads the team responsible for the development and expansion of Serverfarm’s product strategy, which integrates activities across real estate development, design, construction, procurement and sales, to meet the needs of hyperscale and enterprise customers.

Greg received a Bachelor of Science from the United States Air Force Academy and Master of Science degree from the University of Arizona. Greg lives in Traverse City, MI, with his wife and two children, where he enjoys coaching wrestling and staying active outdoors.