Charlotte, North Carolina

Colocation data center space with new Duke Energy feed and a Tier 3 design located at the epicenter of the region’s transportation and financial systems.


  • 15iMW IT load total power
  • Space available
  • Concurrently maintainable fault tolerant design
  • Low design PUE
  • 9,940 SF of data center space; 60,000 Gross SF
  • 1,200 kW critical capacity of tenant space
  • Low cost Duke Energy utility feed
  • Tax incentive available
  • Office storage and conference space


A 15 MW Duke Energy utility feed was installed in 2013 to feed our Charlotte facility. Currently, 6 MW have been leased by a single user, leaving 9 MW of capacity for distribution into the remaining 20,000 SF of available shell space. The system architecture and facility configuration can be tailored and optimized to meet the customer’s specific business and IT needs.


This facility is on-net for a number of carriers and to augment this connectivity BGP service can be purchased through Server Farm. We provide carrier neutral carrier connect, dark fiber and light fiber. To augment our carrier neutral data center, Server Farm has also enhanced our connect options via providing a layer 2 transport to major carrier hotels (10M – 300M, with 10G – 100G of up to 16 channels.

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