Serverfarm’s 5 Favorite Bits From The Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey 2020

Apr 6, 2021




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We at Serverfarm always look forward to The Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey. Now in its tenth year it provides a comprehensive gathering of views from the global data center community and provides strong data and solid findings on trends and opinions.  

Here are 5 findings from the 2020 survey that we most agree with.
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1. “The enterprise data center is neither dead nor dying. The switch of critical loads to a public cloud is happening slowly, with more than half of workloads expected to remain in on-premises data centers in 2022.”
Source: UTI 2020 DC Survey

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2. “Third-parties may provide access to a wider range of resources, including technology, interconnections, software tools, services and application environments.”
Source: UTI 2020 DC Survey

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3. “The data center staffing crisis is getting worse. The portion of managers saying they have difficulty finding qualified candidates for open jobs has risen steadily over the past several years.”
Source: UTI 2020 DC Survey

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4. Edge is still on the edge. Most organizations expect their edge computing requirements to increase somewhat in 2020, but fewer than 20% expect a significant increase.
Source: UTI 2020 DC Survey

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5. Use of availability zones is now mainstream. The use of multi-data center availability zones is now common beyond hyperscale operators, with half of respondents saying they use this approach.
Source: UTI 2020 DC Survey

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