Ziv Catriel

EVP, InCommand®

Ziv Catriel

EVP, InCommand

Ziv Catriel is Serverfarm’s EVP InCommand focused on IT (Data Center and Cloud) management and InCommand services. He has proven accomplishments in developing and implementing application and infrastructure solutions addressing key customer issues. Catriel is an expert in planning and delivering complex initiatives in close, effective collaboration with vendors, customers, sales teams, and cross-functional leaders. His advanced analytic skills and development oversight of multi-tier applications and cloud infrastructure have ensured on-time and accurate delivery of all project requirements leading to overall operation management success.


How to Cloudify Your Data Center

Cloudifying means selecting the best features of the cloud such as flexibility, SLAs, cost transparency and security and applying them to physical facility and IT assets. Today, multi-cloud driven data center strategies are increasingly common across on-premise, commercial data center cloud on ramps, hybrid, private and public cloud platforms.


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