Arun Shenoy Talks Data Center Sustainability, Embodied Carbon

Watch SVP of Sales & Marketing, Arun Shenoy, discuss the company’s recent addition to the Toronto data center, which helped to keep customers online during the pandemic. The reuse of the existing Toronto facility cut embodied carbon by an estimated 75%; Arun explains the HKS report behind this number and how it relates to the Serverfarm business model. 

How to Make Your Data Center More Efficient with InCommand Services

InCommand takes all physical assets in IT, facility and data center environments and presents them as a virtualized service. No other service combines professional data center expertise with a constantly evolving software solution behind a cloud hosted portal. This unique combination allows you to make informed decisions that drive efficiencies.

Serverfarm Leads Industry with Awards and Global Venture

PTC 2020: Serverfarm’s CEO, Avner Papouchado, discusses an exciting year, new acquisitions and how up-cycling facilities in new ways led to industry recognition and an award winning formula for customer success. With that, Server Farm also announces a new venture with a global car maker.

Serverfarm on Commitment to Customers and Data Center Development

Live from Atlanta at ITW 2019, we are honored to welcome A.J. Matel, Sr. VP of Sales for Serverfarm to JSA TV. In this interview, this telecom thought leader tells us what drew him to join the Serverfarm space, an overview of what differentiates Serverfarm, including what makes the company known as the “Service Provider’s Service Provider.”

Serverfarm’s Business Leader Discusses All Things Data Center Real Estate

Data centre M&As have in the last 10 years reached over $70bn in what is an accelerating trend. However, the business model of real estate management could prove to be challenging in the near future. According to Arun Shenoy, Business Leader at Serverfarm: “We are the least efficient real estate market that exists. If we run a hotel business like this, we would be out of business.”

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