Data Center Real Estate

Unparalleled Commercial Real Estate Expertise to Support and Maximize Your Investments

data-center-real-estateOur expert real estate team is built on the power of the Red Sea Group, an international real estate development firm with 45 years of experience and a large market cap. This provides us with global, in depth knowledge of the real estate industry that helps us to shape programs that benefit all parties. We leverage this strength to develop data center real estate holdings for our clients.

Not only do we understand real estate at a deep level, we have also been buying and operating data centers for more than 17 years. This gives us firsthand knowledge of the data center industry and the benefit of seeing it evolve over time both from a real estate perspective and  as a technology tenant occupied structure.

Core to our organization is the desire to enhance the streamlined operations of IT infrastructure. Therefore, we develop our facilities around the reliable and efficient operations of our customer’s infrastructure. 

Real Estate Value

  • Unparalleled Expertise. Deep knowledge and practical experience in development and operations of complex real estate assets.
  • Data Center Insight. Firsthand experience in operating data centers that provides us with clarity on helping our customers achieve maximum flexibility and agility in their IT operations.
  • Customer Focused. Our mission to support the growth of the data center industry is dependent on our ability to understand and respond effectively to our customers’ needs.

Sale Leaseback

The sale and leaseback of your data center provides you with the opportunity to monetize your data center asset and reallocate the resulting capital. It also allows you to maximum use of your space and power with the introduction of future co-tenants. Most importantly, it will transfer the financial burden of operations and future improvements to the landlord, allowing you to focus on your key capabilities. 

Combining your sale and leaseback with ServerFarm’s InCommand® will ensure continuity of operational excellence while shearing the cost with likeminded co-users and providing complete and clear accountability of your IT infrastructure.

Financial Services

We believe in customer advocacy and implement a partnership approach with all of our customers. This allows us to address unique data center challenges, such as technology expansion issues, state-of-the-art engineering developments, or results-oriented initiatives. Working with our cross-discipline subject matter experts provides our customers with diverse financial resources and the opportunity to creatively solve your organizations unique challenges.

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