Why ServerFarm?

Customer-focused Data Center Oversight from Facility to IT Infrastructure Management

In order to run applications that successfully serve their markets, our customers require intensely reliable and efficient physical space that is supported by expert IT infrastructure management. For more than fifteen years our team of experts have been providing exceptional service to the industry.

With our focus on stability, flexibility, and affordability, ServerFarm delivers all of our customer’s physical infrastructure needs.

Pay As You Go Business Model

Data centers are high-cost investments; from expenditures to the ongoing energy expenses to operating efficiencies they require time, energy and money to manage effectively. Many organizations are determining it doesn’t make sense to build from the ground up, or even to manage their own IT infrastructure. ServerFarm provides options for organizations who want to buy what they need now with a guarantee that their future needs will be met.

In Depth, Open IT Infrastructure Management

Through our proprietary InCommand™ managed service, we provide our customers with staffing, training, workflows and a DC portal that provide unprecedented process consistency, knowledge management, and KPIs that help regulate their IT infrastructure. We let you know where you can cut back and how you can maximize your current equipment to save expenses on your bottom line. We also provide the expert team of IT technicians to act as an extension of your own IT department, saving you the overhead of staffing and training. You only pay for the team when you need them.

State-of-the-Art Facilities Infrastructure

ServerFarm provides much more than simply advanced data center power and cooling, we provide complete facilities infrastructure to help our customers maximize network, hardware and storage capabilities in an optimized data center space. We support our clients in identifying the best servers, routers, modems, cables and switches to fulfill their infrastructure needs.

Long-term Flexible Options

ServerFarm is a privately held company that is not limited by venture capitalists or public stock markets. This allows us to be creative, agile, and adapt quickly to partner with our customers and find the solutions that best fit their requirements. By providing customers with security and the ability to scale as needed, we protect our customer’s investments and allow them to make key business decisions that will help them to grow.

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