ServerFarm is the service providers’ data center provider focused on accelerating digital transformation through our unique InCommand offering. We provide services in real estate, data center management and IT management, tailoring our capabilities to our customers’ requirements. Today we own and operate data center space including facilities in Chicago, IL and London, U.K. ServerFarm provides customers with easy access to energy efficient, reliable and agile solutions for all of their data center infrastructure needs.

Our Background


ServerFarm is a unique data center company whose mission is to maximize data center and IT infrastructure efficiencies for all types of service providers including communication, application, cloud and internal enterprise IT organizations. We provide complete data center oversight from facility to IT infrastructure management, with a dedicated focus on implementing digital transformation strategies, thereby enabling our customers to concentrate on growing their businesses.

ServerFarm is privately held by the Red Sea Group, an international real estate development company with 45+ years of experience and a strong capital base. Our background gives us a rare eye for opportunity and billions of dollars in investment and construction experience worldwide. This long heritage in developing and operating service-oriented properties ensures ServerFarm can provide predictive analytics and flexibility in a market where accurate capacity forecasts and optimized execution in right sized deployments is extremely rare.



ServerFarm Team

Building long-term relationships is our top priority at ServerFarm. We begin by taking the time to listen and understand our clients and their challenges. Together, we carefully chart a course for your digital transformation strategy with a focus on agility, reliability and operational efficiencies.


Are you looking to join a dynamic team of talented, motivated people focused on being at the leading edge of data center development? At ServerFarm we balance responsibility to our customers with responsibility to the professional development and personal lives of our dedicated team. We strive to deliver an environment that offers challenging, stimulating and financially rewarding opportunities.

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