DataCenter News Interviews Dave Eastman on DCIM

“Asia Pacific businesses are moving quickly to be ‘interconnected enterprises’ in a space where this was not traditional. This means that the regional data center market is growing rapidly.”
That’s the word from Serverfarm’s Dave Eastman, a company that owns and operates data centers, and developed InCommand Services, a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) service for enterprises, cloud and colocation. Eastman is the vice president of InCommand. 
In this exclusive interview, Eastman continues to discuss the state of the Asia Pacific data center infrastructure management (DCIM) market, and how IT staff can increase efficiency and get the most out of the DCIM.
What trends are you seeing in the Asia Pacific data center and DCIM market?

“We’re witnessing higher power and cooling demands to meet the rapid pace of growth in the industry as we strive for availability in an ‘always on’ world.”

Eastman says the roles of CIOs and IT departments in Asia Pacific are also changing.

“They have a more active hand in determining the best use of space and power in data centers.”

Additionally, there is also an increased focus on green data centers, which take advantage of lower cost, alternative power options and reduced carbon footprint, continues Eastman.

“Lastly, we are seeing a growing trend towards colocation and an increased role of DCIM solutions in Big Data analytics applications.”

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