As with most of my industry friends, the first ten months of the year have found us surrounded by the thousands of blinking lights of servers, panels and just about every component found within a data center.  Equally, our ears and senses have endured the constant presence of a series of text “dings”, phone “rings” and other errant “pings” as we take this journey to create a more connected, amazing world.

Enter the holidays.  For most people, the end of the year is set aside for us to trade these lights and sounds for those that bring us to a more anchored, reflective place in our lives.  Whether it be the Griswold-esque house down the street that one can see from space, or the quiet flames of the Menorah, these next several weeks are marked by light and sounds that re-fill our souls. 

Throughout my childhood, my late mother and I would take time in the evening to sit quietly in the glow of the multi-colored lights of the tree and reflect on the year that was.  I recall asking her why we put a dead tree in our living room and covered it with lights and she said that she always perceived the lights to be individual memories of years past.  If this isn’t the real meaning of lights, I’d be hard pressed to find a better one. 

I hope everyone out there uses these last several weeks of the year to trade the lights and sounds of technology and progress, for the more meaningful ones that surround us all this holiday season.  Take time to access and reflect on the wonderful memories we all have stored away in the servers found within us.  Indulge your ears with the sounds of laughter with friends and family, relish the smells of turkey, homemade baked goods and the resurrection of long lost family recipes.  Remember most of all that our lives aren’t defined by how many lights we create inside buildings throughout the globe, but the memories we create with the ones we love. 

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

If you are in Chicago and can spare some time to join us, we’d love to spend time with you at our holiday gathering.


Serverfarm Chicago Holiday Party Invite 2017

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