Choosing the right location for your data center can mean the difference between effectively protecting your data and ensuring your servers operate without interruption, and running the risk of latency, downtime, limited resources and compromised credibility.  Your customers expect your sites to always be up and running, and your business relies on access to your applications and data. Data centers in Chicago enable clients to take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by the city’s location, so companies interested in building data centers may want to consider the city for their next project.

Availability of Resources When building a data center or looking for a place to purchase server space, companies and individuals should examine the availability of resources in a specific area.  In this sense, resources include bandwidth access and the strength and reliability of power sources.  Data centers need the high-speed bandwidth provided by fiber optic cables.  Since many different trunks terminate in Chicago, the city offers data centers the ability to improve bandwidth speeds and increase availability.  For this reason, data center owners and clients of data centers may want to consider housing servers in the Chicagoland area. Data centers use immense amounts of power to operate their equipment, so the cost of electricity is a factor that can make or break profit margins on server space.  Average temperatures in an area can influence power costs, so housing servers in Chicago’s balanced climate can reduce power bills.

Risk Considerations While they may seem like rare occurrences, natural disasters can take a data center offline for weeks at a time.  Flooding from torrential rainstorms can invade a center, taking down the servers located within it, and other types of severe weather can hurt a company in ways that require a significant recovery period before they able to return to business as usual.  Even small earthquakes can interrupt data center service, so the inland location of data centers in Chicago is desired by many businesses.

Staffing According to CIO Magazine, Chicago is #7 in high-tech employment.  The city is also home to a variety of highly ranked universities, and full of young professionals interested in careers in information technology.  Data centers located in the city can make use this fact to find employees that are educated and motivated to help their company succeed.

Central Location Land space is another resource that can factor into choosing a location for a data center.  Data centers in Chicago are centrally located in a way that allows the convenience of a city location, while still keeping the costs to rent a space or a build center reasonable.  There is also room to grow around the edge of the city, with ample land space surrounding the suburbs, providing facilities with the ability to expand their businesses in a cost-effective way.

Choice Considerations Server Farm Realty focuses their efforts on helping companies build data centers in Chicago.  The company is well-equipped to meet the needs of its customers in unprecedented ways.  It can lease space to clients and help customers design their ideal space to facilitate the success of their business. One way Server Farm does so is through the customization of a space, including the installation of fire safety equipment and bandwidth connections.  The company’s state-of-the-art Chicago data center at 840 S. Canal offers 134,000 sq. ft. of raised floor data center space for lease.  The eight-story building also maintains 4 MW of critical power over five floors and features a projected Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) under 1.4 – one of the lowest in Chicago. Chicago is a great place for a data center.  Contact Server Farm Realty today to find out more.

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