Power In a data center, power is supplied through either light or electricity.  Systems that run on wavelengths of light are called fiber optics.  Fiber optic cables offer more bandwidth and can travel much longer distances with less attenuation than electric, copper-based cables. In addition, fiber optics promote less interference and do not pose a fire hazard due to the fact that there is no electricity running through them. Hardware Ultimately, a network is made up of bare metal components such as racks, servers, switches, routers and interfaces.  These devices, which are all connected with cables, must be monitored and maintained in order to ensure constant uptime. Network connectivity Data centers cannot function without the proper connectivity solutions and connectivity comes down to one crucial component: communication.  When it comes to networks, there must be both seamless internal and external communication—meaning they must connect to the web and amongst the devices within a network.  If a network stops communicating, signals will back up and create latency, which leads to slow uploads and downloads.  To prevent latency, proper diagnostic and visibility tools are required. Server Farm Realty is uniquely qualified to provide the physical layer of IT infrastructure and enable the cloud.  The company provides the critical hardware, power and network connectivity solutions to form a complete cloud service.  With existing facilities in Moses Lake, E. Washington, Santa Clara and Chicago, and numerous new data center developments underway, Server Farm provides customers with easy access to energy efficient, concurrent data centers.

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