Deciding where to house your data center is one of the most important decisions your company will make. Ultimately, your decision will come down to one of two options: build one from scratch or lease one wholesale. Aside from the obvious CAPEX benefits of leasing a data center—as you can forgo construction costs in favor of a leasing agreement—there are a multitude of other benefits to gain from buying wholesale data center space from a company like Serverfarm:

Expertise Many network outages can be attributed to system changes caused by administrators or developers. Rather than relying on your internal team to make key changes to your data center, SFR experts will manage the data center space and advise when important decisions need to be made.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure Data center construction can be very costly.  In addition to the building’s shell and the resources that are needed to run it, there is still the expense of the network infrastructure.  Serverfarm provides its customers with quality hardware at an affordable rate, ensuring that quality will not have to be compromised in order to stay under budget.

Peace of Mind One of the primary benefits of leasing a managed facility is that your company will be free to focus on important tasks aside from the mundane, administrative data center duties.  Your IT team can be strategically repurposed when it does not have to worry about locating broken cables and fixing server errors.

Tailored Design Every company has a unique budget and potential for growth.  It is difficult and costly to design a data center if a company cannot plot out exactly where it will be in five years.  The Serverfarm solution provides the ability to tailor construction needs to fit a company now, and grow with it in the future. With flexible lease options, Server Farm Realty is ready to help your organization’s data center grow along every step of the way.

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