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Work With Data Center Design Build Thought Leaders to Develop Your Ideal Data Centerdata-center-design-build

Leveraging an in-house knowledge base that has developed over 5,000,000 SF of data center space and proven themselves capable of solving the toughest implementation challenges, Server Farm provides agile data center solutions tailored to our customers’ business needs.

Our data center design build team provides exceptional value by reducing project requirements and initiatives into a distinct, streamlined process that ensures goals are consistently met on time and on budget.

The key to our approach is directly engaging our customers, who include the leading global technology brands, in our process and developing a collaborative environment that leads to reduced costs, scalable design concepts, increased reliability, optimal efficiency, and reduced business risk.

Data Center Design Build Value

  • Cost savings. Our approach achieves cost optimization early in the customers’ deployment timeline
  • Time to Market. From start to finish we’ve reduced delivery times through our streamlined, proven design and construction process
  • Innovative Solutions. Our scaled design concepts align our business goals with our customer’s goals so that our business grows in line with theirs


Server Farm uses cutting edge technology to ensure our customers’ hardware and data are secure. The use of advanced biometrics at all critical infrastructure spaces, CCTV, and an in-house 7x24 security team allows us unique access, control, and monitoring of our facilities. We also offer customers secure access to the dedicated infrastructure security systems through our proprietary portal.

Infrastructure Design

Our collective experience allows us to provide flexible, fully redundant infrastructure architectures that focus on providing scaled solutions with low PUEs, high reliability, and increased operational efficiencies. We house each of our primary and redundant pieces of infrastructure in separate, fire rated rooms to ensure that no individual room presents a single point of failure.


Our high-performance data centers are programmed to include a full suite of facilities that ensure our customers are comfortable and productive when onsite. We provide kitchen-equipped tech lounges, complimentary Wi-Fi, multiple conference rooms, private office space, secure storage space, and staging areas to serve our customers IT and business needs.

Project Implementation

Data center design projects require a careful balance between requirements and capabilities. In order to ensure this balance is achieved, it is crucial we have an intimate understanding of our customers’ business needs. Designing and building data centers does not allow for a single, mass solution. It is a specialized practice where each design and construction project must be tailored not only to the customer’s needs, but to the location’s capacity as well. We combine our technical expertise and market insight with your business goals to ensure that you have the most future-proof design, equipment, and partners to suit your deployment and put your interests first.

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