Data Center Operations

Our InCommand™ Service Maximizes the Efficiencies of Your Global IT Infrastructure

data-center-it-infrastructure-managementServer Farm’s InCommand™ service enables enterprises to solve the intense challenges of global IT infrastructure management.  InCommand combines specially trained capacity managers, proprietary cloud-enabled management software, disciplined processes, and a 24/7 operations command center to deliver customers unsurpassed control over all their data center assets. It allows those assets to be efficiently and consistently managed while delivering Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive greater efficiencies.  By deploying the InCommand service platform across all data centers in your global portfolio, whether or not located in a Server Farm facility, an organization can maximize efficiencies and create a single global infrastructure with deep insight available at the click of a mouse.

We understand that delivering IT applications is core to our customers’ businesses.  Our InCommand service gives you the freedom to focus on your essential applications and services while we focus on managing the details of all of your physical and hardware requirements.

InCommand Value

  • Efficiently Managed Global IT Infrastructure. Our secure cloud portal provides you with clear up-to-date visibility to view, manage, track and report on all your data center assets
  • Pay-Per-Use Cost Reduction. Efficient core physical infrastructure management delivered as a single, on-demand solution allows you to reduce your IT costs by only paying for infrastructure you actually use and need
  • Expanded IT Team Without the Overhead. Our specially trained team is instantly available via the 24/7 InCommand operations command center and provides expeditious, streamlined IT infrastructure management services to augment your internal team as needed

Asset and Capacity Management

Our IT infrastructure management service provides you with deep insight into your current IT usage metrics. This allows you to work with our team of analysts to develop an efficient growth path for your future data center requirements. InCommand provides a fully functional, comprehensive data center management system for your global portfolio without the overhead and challenges associated with selecting, purchasing, installing, staffing and maintaining a similar system internally. You’ll know everything about your assets, inventories, space and power utilization, and cabling through a single web accessible portal.

Change Management

Core to this service is our proprietary InCommand infrastructure management software, which provides you a cloud portal to access all of your data center assets as well as metrics and intelligent algorithms enabling you to maximize efficiencies. Once your team has evaluated your KPIs and collaborated as needed with your InCommand analyst, you will be able to immediately instigate changes via the InCommand portal.  Instigating and tracking changes through the Portal provides traceability and the use of pre-defined workflows throughout the change management cycle. This focused change management process ensures that your IT infrastructure maintains clarity and efficiency as it grows and your needs and staff change.

KPI Metrics

Our InCommand cloud portal also provides key metrics with expert analysis and recommendations so you are constantly assured your infrastructure is maximizing power and minimizing expense. Your team will gain immediate awareness of global KPIs that will help them make educated decisions on how best to scale their operations.

Dedicated Support Team

Our unique full service management platform is delivered by dedicated, specially trained data center infrastructure managers, engineers and administrators using industry accepted disciplines and tools so your specific IT requirements are met.


To ensure 100% uptime, data center operations require levels of infrastructure redundancy, consistency of procedures, maintenance and support of critical infrastructure systems. Server Farm has a long history of providing high-level and appropriate mission critical facilities management procedures and 7×24 availability of qualified support staff to handle systems that require continuous availability such as power distribution, UPS, back-up generators and cooling systems.