Data Center Operations

InCommand™ Services:  A holistic data center infrastructure management platform

Gain control of your data center by partnering with Serverfarm’s InCommand services team to capture, model and maintain your physical layer assets so you can focus on your virtual world.

InCommand™ Services combines a highly intelligent, flexible portal with clarified, proven workflows and a trained, dedicated deployment and support team to help enterprises gain control over their IT and facilities infrastructure and obtain powerful insights that successfully drive capacity planning, change management, life cycle management and efficiency.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management 

Gain clear, up-to-date visibility so you can view, manage, track and report on all your data center IT and facility assets through our secure portal

Capacity Management

Power algorithms model, monitor and analyze loads from the utility to server racks to individual servers to assist customers optimize their power and cooling infrastructure while providing insurance that no capacity thresholds are breached and no hidden cascading failure scenarios exist.

Facilities Operations Management

Our facilities ticketing and CMMS modules enable operations teams to easily schedule and maintain a history of maintenance activities on MEP assets

Delivered as a Managed Service

Support your IT team with a highly-trained group of specialists instantly available via the 24/7 InCommand operations command center and provides expeditious, streamlined IT infrastructure management services